Sunday, November 3, 2013

Christian's Entry for November 2013

((Hey everybody! It’s me, as it often is! Just wanted to get a note out about December before I begin my entry. I just wanted to say that for the last entry, there will be a story rather than a post. It will be worth double the normal amount for an entry, so 8. Like before, it will be graded differently. The deadline is the 1st of the new year, so each of you will be able to have two full months to write your entry. The rules are these:
  1. At least 750 Words.
  2. Written in 3rd person, past tense.
  3. Does not contain a journal entry.
  4. Describes events that actually occurred in the month of December
A story that conforms to these rules and is posted by the first of January will be worth 8 exp. Late posts will be worth 6, and be made any time before the conclusion to the rp actually happens. Those who complete the story on time also receive bonus points equal to 3/4ths of the points they have missed over the course of the whole RP as bonus points. This means that yes, writing two pages on MS word will get you close to the exp count of the other players for the final sessions. This is intended to bring balance to the game for those that have slacked off.

Oh, and the final confrontation will take place in Jerusalem, so if you can find your own reasons to be there by the end of your story that would be great.

Please take the time to write a story. It will bring an awesome end to a really cool RP. IT’s the home stretch, don’t give up yet!))

Not much time. Little to say. Things are doing really good here in Jefferson City, which happens to be where I am. Yeah, not all that big a place. Little corner of Missouri, not much going on. But it’s /my/ little corner of Missouri, where Outsiders trod not, neither do they torment. The spell that I worked to protect the city is holding, though it has become very different to keep maintained.

The problem is attacks from the inside. There is an insidious cult gaining membership here in town, which seems to be relying on the fear of the ever-encroaching outsiders to manipulate the weakest and the impoverished to join. As of yet, I have been unable to locate where the cult meets, though each time they let an outsider loose in the city my spell grows weaker, and I have to expend great energy to restore it to normal. I have managed to learn very little about the cult, except that judging by the disappearances there have been in the city, it only recruits young women about 16-30. Plenty of those recruits show up dead in the river a few days later, and the general mood of the city has suffered tremendously as a result.

Can any of you sense what I sense? Something is coming. The end, I think. Of all this. We’re out of time. The Old ones are back. I hear disturbing rumors that Cuthulu has returned to life. The stars have come right again, and he brings others with him. If this is true, he has yet to reach the world at large, and must travel one city at a time. Several large cities on the west coast have gone dark. We get on reply over radio anymore, and no more convoys. I worry about what may have happened. I can fight outsiders. But not the Great Old Ones. I don’t know that any of us can.


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