Sunday, March 31, 2013

Lizzie's Entry for March 2013

((3 points, I think? It's super late, but other than that...))

So, hello everyone. Bet you're all wondering what I've been up to. Well, those of you with strong connections in the Union might've heard about the unexpected death of the leader of my Krewe, the Dim Suns. Well, guess who has the "honor" of replacing him? No, all of your reasonable guesses are wrong. It was me. I mean WHAT THE FUCK? Okay, sorry, that was uncalled for. It's just been so fucking crazy since this happened to me. Everyone seems to be accepting of me, probably because they believe I'm the chosen voice of the dead. Which... I guess I know is true now.

Anyways, I guess I should explain what I've been having the krewe doing since I came into power. Besides freaking out and just trying to organize the day-to-day operations, I've been making an effort to get a more united front together. For the most part, the members of the Dim Sun have been operating the same as they always have, just with an insanely increased work load. Very few of us have been making any effort to deal with the outsiders directly, just dealing with the victims.

I've changed that. It's been shown to me that we need to make a united effort in discovering ways to take down the Old Gods. Yes, the ghosts are important, but right now we need to prevent more deaths instead of just cleaning up afterward. Which is why I've been directing missions into the Underworld all over the world. See, I'm fairly certain that even the Outsiders can die, at least in our world, and that means there must be a section of the Underworld they go to. If we can find that place, we can figure out how to make that death permanent.

I won't begin to say that I understand how they function, but from what I can figure, even if they're killed, all that's really killed is the part that's manifested in our world. That part ends up somewhere in the Underworld. Since that's still technically a part of our universe from their perspective, though, they can just pull themselves out and re-enter wherever they want on the surface. So, what I'm trying to find is a way to trap them down their, so they can't just come back.

But... looking at some of the stuff you guys are talking about... The war in the mid-east, Darrel's crusade... All that death is not going to make the underworld all that pleasant a place to travel through. I hope you guys can work to prevent some of that strife.

And Chris... I'm sorry I'm not keeping in better touch. You know what it's like to be a leader with so much expectation on your shoulders. But then... you still wrote to us, didn't you. Well, I will attempt to keep up with you now that I know what sort of situation you're in. And Rami, you better survive, too! I haven't even gotten to see you since you were brought back to life in the first place. Speaking of which, if Chris gets too... mad scientist on you at any point, I give you permission to punch him. With all his scars, a couple bruises won't make him any less attractive. So... Be good, Chris! And live, or I'll find your ghost and punch you myself.

I should get back to work, though. I've been putting off the paperwork half of my job. Bleh. Next chance I get, I'm going to lead a party down to the Underworld myself just to get away from this responsibility. Until then, be safe everyone! And remember what I said about minimizing strife!

-Lizzie T. O'Conner

Monday, March 18, 2013

Christian's Entry for March 2013

((4xp. On time, plot advancement, others, and subplot. ))

Running for your life has never been more exciting!

Actually it sucks, but I wanted to sound positive for a second. Yes, Ramira and I are still on the run. We are both still alive and well though, and we have learned something interesting. Well more than one somethings. Plenty of somethings. I don't know where to start. I suppose I should start by talking about what's happening with everybody, though as usual Lizzie has me worried about her with her lack of writing. She's been alright every other this has happened, but I never know when one of these times may be the last. Darrel, I'm sorry I can't get you the equipment you need. Right now I'm busy running for my life out here, and I don't have the political clout that I had before. What little influence I have is invested in keeping myself and Ramira alive.

Austin, you're right that what I did shouldn't be possible. Ramira should not be alive, and the fact she is means something serious. There is serious risk involved in traveling with her. Her very existence causes any spell targeted on her to unravel in paradox, no matter how patient you are with the casting. As such cannot scrutinize her to search for a soul, or to examine the state of her mind. I must take it on faith and read her reactions from our conversation. Animals do not have any problem with her, though. All the evidence is in her favor. She can even /use/ enchanted objects, though my staff refuses to work for anyone but me anymore. What frightens me most is that with mage sight I see right through her. Ramira and me both are a little afraid for what that might mean. As far as Ramira goes, we have a plan to see if she has a soul. As any mage knows, the soul is a literal realm that may be traveled into with proper meditation in a hallow. We intend to try such travel into Ramira‘s soul, and to see if anything is there, or what. Unfortunately, we've yet to have enough free time in a hallow for such things. When we find them, it‘s a rush for me to draw all the manna I can and then to get away as fast as possible.

Rick, I applaud your efforts in unifying the people as you have. Our plans were not all that different. I hope that yours works better than mine. I think it will, since animals are much less political and evil than humans. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? We're in the face of extinction as a race, whole cities have been wiped off the map. Prices are insane thanks to the constantly interrupted supply and the cost of transporting goods. People are trying to mutate the entire human race into lizards. That seems like a great time to expend great resources to kill someone whose actions have clearly been in the best interests of the race. I hate the mysterium! AGghghgh!

But I have taken comfort in one thing. The solution to affairs on a global level will not require global cooperation. Getting people mobilized will make it easier and will make it possible for more people to survive until we figure it out, but... ultimately the solution will be the same as it was with the Deep Ones. It will be us. So stay alive everybody. Learn the first words. Survive.

Ramira and I have found an Iris, which is kinda like a portal only better. I’ve been trying to figure out the trigger to get it to open, and I've just about worked it out. From what the mages here told me, it leads to an Emanation realm on the far side of the Abyss. If there even is an Abyss. We should be safe there. Time to heal up and regroup, until I can figure out a plan for dealing with the fact they want to kill me. Wish us luck!


Sunday, March 17, 2013

Darrel's March Entry 2013

I don't think any of us qualify as "sane" by normal human standards any more. I mean, I once casually ripped my own arm off to use as a club and had it regrown the next Tuesday. By any stretch of normality, that's not normal. I mean, for Heaven's Sake, Rick, you use casually use Flea Powder and generally act more like an animal than I do. You might criticize my aggressiveness, but I simply think you're being too soft and not taking the risks you need.

The temple is done now, refurbished and restored to working condition. You'd be surprised how much vampires would know about monoliths. Granted, I never thought, I'd see vampires who walked during the day, yet slept at night. Strange world we live in, I say. The Tree of Life that had once been a twisted abomination has been renewed, from its roots spring life to a parched land. The downside is that a lot of this life is rahter dangerous to the native inhabitants… mostly since the desert is being terraformed into a more swampy and lush environment. As you can imagine, certain diseases are at an all time high. Good thing I never get sick anymore.

The Steward of Champions is pleased by the developments, and has begun "broadcasting" his power to those who swear into our Crusade. Yes, it is a Crusade. One of my design and of my choosing. While I do not possess the forces of flesh yet to equal some of your own, I possess aid from the Heavens themselves. Spirits of the Sky and Stars are under our banner, as was promised.

However, I am decidedly not the only champion under the watch of these powerful Spirits. No, that part I was not told until the Steward had his Temple. Uniting a sub-race that has been fractured for… millennia is an extremely difficult task, even for a moment as critical and important as a war of extinction. So, those above us, the Celestines, the Firstborn, and the spirits that serve Gaia (let's call them Gaians) have decided was that the best way to resolve the past several years of strife was to make a short, but relatively quick contest/war to decide who would rule both during the war and potentially after it. This is by the way going to be waged on the whole planet.

The rules of this contest are simple, each of the various Tribes would have a number of champions or contestants, all of which would be of the younger generation and would be backed up by a patron Ancestor Spirit like the Steward of Champions. The various contestants would then be assigned to various tasks, meant to clean out the Outsiders and build power and prestige for all Uratha. Upon meeting with a different contestant, they would challenge each other in a battle or fight, based on rules by the Patron Spirits. The winner of that challenge assumes leadership over the loser's resources and forces and the loser in turn is one way or another considered no longer a contestant. There's a couple of other rules, but I don't think I need to go through them all. Hopefully, I won't have to kill all of them, maybe make them part of my cabinet or something.

I don't know the number of how many other werewolves I'd  have to defeat, but… well expect gang violence to rapidly go up. As for seeking out Contestants for yourself so you can beat them and take their stuff, don't bother with it. Direct outside interference is going to be somewhat limited when it directly concerns one of the Contestants. You talk with one, give him or her some advice or information or even weapons like tanks, but you will never be allowed to defeat one. I'm not sure how this will be enforced, but I get the idea that since the Celestines are involved, whatever happens will be visible from space.

Regardless of who wins, even if it is not I, you'll have a leader powerful enough to wage the final battle.

Nice job with the Pyramid "Sigfried". Although, somehow I doubt it's connected to the Atlantis you think it is. Regardless of that, I will ask that you try to find more… diplomatic solutions than wage war on nations in the Middle East. Powerful though you may be…with the fortress, my allies in the Ascending Ones have told me about their displeasure and would like you to stop. If this keeps up, the Iraqis might decide to kick me and my troupe out of the country or blow up the Steward of Champion's Temple. If I were you, I'd really consider laying off on the Crusade thing until later. Like, when reality is not being torn apart. Sigh… I expected better from you. I'm contacting you via a "Diplomatic Channel" to speak with you personally. I won't stand for this foolishness.
P.S. Chris, it's not my fault some mad man has decided that the human body was too frail and he decided to augment it. Vince is going to taste my blades when I find him, rest assured. Although, I have a feeling this is only the first step to his designs. As for your failed plans of building that "Diamond Nation", I think you might want to look into the dealings of the other beings. The world is home to more than just mages after all, and if you found that you can barely trust mages, then of course you should seek out the help of non-mages. I'd give you a hand, if you were in Iraq.

(1exp on time or potentially early. 1 exp for posting. 1 exp for referencing others. 1 exp for working on goal. Austin and Darrel are going to be doing a short mini via Diplomatic Channel, the results of which you'll learn later.)

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Austin's Entry for the month March

Chris! Sea Org says they've got people out looking for you. All of you, in fact. They understand the need to keep us all alive. They'll take you somewhere safe, or wherever they can. If you can find a way to make yourself a little less scarce they'll be able to pick you up. Maybe they can bring you to me. It's a safe as anywhere on the front line can be. We've been shelled and bombed with everything you can think of. Not a scratch, yet. If you're intent on staying where you are I'd still ask them for help. Their equipment is state of the art, and they know better than most how bad things really are. The organization is barely holding together. We're of the same mind that now is the time to mass our power and strike. Perhaps with luck what I'm about to do will call attention away from the rest of you.

Well ladies, gentlemen and Ricky I strongly suggest you keep your televisions on if you want to see some real fireworks. Actually I'd be surprised if you haven't already, we've had a news-chopper scoping us out for the past two days, though they're certainly keeping their distance. I honestly think now is the right time for what we're doing. It's getting post-apocalyptic out there. I won't deny it, I'm thrilled. The true Gods themselves have recently favored me. Their hosts march behind me and now I, me, am about to lead the charge in a desperate battle for the survival of the human race. Those ruins we uncovered south of Damascus weren't ruins at all, but a perfectly preserved Egyptian necropolis from the first dynasty, a kingdom established by refugees from Atlantis itself. It was apparently once part of a city called Naxannar according to a tablet in the main atrium. Not sure what that means.

The ominoculory I was after is here, pristine and powerful, but the the entire structure is also connected to an animonoculory, a kind of amorphous, all-purpose aetheric machine. Any pure magical substance seems to work well as fuel. We've tried mana, glamor and even essence. All were easily siphoned off. Even small quantities of each can supply the sonic defense systems with hours worth of energy AND generate both lift and thrust to get us about, though the fastest we've managed is about ten knots. It's certainly a lot faster and higher then you'd expect several million tons of sand-stone to be able to fly, eh? All in extreme comfort under murals depicting Mediterranean scenes, and... well... and, uh... there was forge downstairs, but I think I broke it.

Anyway it's looking like our chums in Greece will be at war with the Turks any day now. I've already destroyed the bulk of the Syrian tank army with great ease. We've been shelled and bombed and gassed, but these walls are sixty feet thick and the control apparatus is part of the stellascope array deep in the interior. Now we will prove ourselves to the Golden Dawn. While Mihkalikos strikes from the west, I'll attack from the south. We'll meet along the coast and establish a corridor to Syria and Lebanon. Then we'll dig in. Friendly troops in the area will be a be a real boon. With any luck we'll have demolished a rival and set the stage for the final battle against evil. Then maybe we can hook up with Ricky's forces in eastern Europe, assuming they actually exist.

This is going to be the true last crusade. Christendom and western civilization lives or dies right here. I'm shaking with anticipation! To hell with secrets and nonsense and biding our time, we're going to war!

Oh and, and if any of you find the need to contact me on some other channel I'd appreciate if you not use my real name. Call me Siegfried, please. For the time being that's what I'll be going as.

(4 points. Actually 5 points because this post generates a world event. Greece and Syria, though not aligned, invade Turkey. The Syrian front bears witness to the arrival of a huge monolithic stone airship with devastating firepower, trailed by a small armed force consisting of black armored vehicles and soldiers in black powered armor, both of which seemed to have materialized out of nowhere)

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Rick's Entry for March 2013

(( 4pt, on time, subplot, mention others, global progress ))

Hello every...

...actually there isn't many people who said anything in the last month. Chris, always so on time, isn't this time. I can only hope that it's because something awesome is on the way. Otherwise, I have nothing to say about what Austin and Darrel are doing. Austin seems to be on a downward spiral of insanity and Darrel... is already insane... And being quite pessimism, on top of it. If our Founding Fathers decided to do nothing because uniting all the colonies was too hard, there wouldn't be any America today. I'm sure not going to stop trying because you say so. Beside, i don't have anything else to do. You guys are getting some training, Lizzie, Kris and Rami seem to be digging into the magical solution and that leaves Amelia and I with crumbs, so I prefer trying the 'impossible' to sitting here and watching TV... not that I don't watch TV every once in a while, but it had gotten depressing these days! It's all about blood, war, fear, violence and horrors. Blah.

Good thing I've actually made some progress this month. The training camp is growing bigger and more centralized, the Union is hard at work at keeping the word of mouth alive through the physical, virtual and supernatural communication channels. Our force has grown to 10 000 on site, although by now we're lacking monetary resources to keep everything afloat. So some high profile members of the Union, Amelia and I have been touring the world those last few days, personally meeting wealthy people with links to the supernatural, in hopes that one of them will fund the Union. It hasn't bore any fruit so far, but we're far from done on our list of people to visit. We're in Mexico City right now, nice place... kind of. Could use less heat and less bandits. To say nothing of their local version of werewolves. Eug... guess gotta keep on going despite the challenges on the way.

PS: Sorry for not saying much this time, preparing all those meetings is a strain on me. I'm not the most social of person, so.... yeah...

PPS: Amelia and I are going to celebrate our year year together soon. Shame none of you guys can be there. We will send you our most positive prayers.