Monday, December 31, 2012

Lizzie's Entry for December 2012

((3 points, cuz I mention Kris and stuff, right? Eh, I posted, leave me alone.))

Hey, guys. Sorry I haven't been writing much, but I've been busy with Christian, and I figured he could just keep you informed on everything. Apparently that's too much trouble for him, though, despite the big favor he asked of me. So... I guess I should fill you in on everything that's been happening since I last wrote.

First, I was just doing normal patroll-y ghost-helping stuff. None of the stuff you guys can understand is all that exciting, so I won't bore you with the simplicities. Basically, I kept helping ghosts for awhile like usual until the ship got me to where Christian was staying. He's living a pretty fancy life in his hotel, that's for sure. He's got this great hottub and everything. And his bed has to be the softest thing I've slept on in forever. While, second softest, but I'm not allowed to talk about that.

Annnnnyways, then we went down to the Underworld. That was a bit of a problem since apparently Christian's not too good at following the rules. We almost got in trouble once or twice, but between my knowledge and Chris' skills, we managed to get all the way down to the dominion of the Athenaeum. It's impossible to tell how large it is from outside, but what little we saw was huge and winding and... Have any of you seen the movie the Pagemaster? Well, something like that, but with more books and death. So, we had to find Chris's important information, but it turned out to be in some area that was blocked off by an overzealous mage. So, we had to find him, which... as you heard from Chris was a difficult task for a variety of reasons. I won't rehash the whole thing, though. Suffice it to say, we were pretty screwed between a monster and the dominion's guardian. Luckily, I had a friend. A really powerful ghost that had been tucked away in the flower you always saw me wearing in my hair. She healed me faster than even Undine could've after I died, and offered me one more favor. She seemed a little disappointed when I told her what I needed help with, but... in the end, she seemed happy to finally be able to move on.

So, that's the only major thing that's happened for awhile. I wish I could stay longer with Christian, but my krewe really wants my help with something. We're going to be raiding some major Cheron facility. Huge power drains, the works. It'll probably turn out to be nothing, at any rate, and then I can come back to spend some time with Rami, assuming Chris manages to pull off what he's been preparing for. I'm certainly rooting for him.

Ja ne~
Lizzie T. O'Conner

Monday, December 24, 2012

Austin's Entry for December

Merry Christmas, everyone. And happy Chanukah. Have I told you lately that I loved you? Because I really do. Reporting from the beautiful and historic city of Athens. The one in Greece. Spent the better part of a week attending meetings and rallies for the Golden Dawn. I even spoke once or twice. It was a very pleasant surprise to learn just how popular English is as a second language here. Greek isn't one of the languages I've been trying to learn, so I doubt we could have gotten much done here otherwise. Mikalhikos, the party secretary, doesn't speak English, so we needed a translator for him, but that was almost one on one so it wasn't a big issue.

Our reputation proceeds us wherever I go, and mine in particular as an agitator and troublemaker. I wasn't prepared to make speeches, but talking impromptu isn't nearly as difficult as I'd imagined. I think it helps when most of your audience only speaks English as a second language, believe it or not. But practice makes perfect, and I got some practice. I can feel satisfied. For once my own aplomb is getting me what I need. Intellectually the Dawn is soundly and soberly Fascist. It really brings me back to study their doctrine. It warms my heart, and makes me feel very nostalgic.

The laymembers meanwhile are anything but intellectuals. The world calls them Nazis and thugs, and now that I've met them I have to agree. They're vulgar. I know I've been known to swear a lot when I lose my temper, but for these people it's part of the language. This goes beyond healthy fanaticism. They're pathological. They're rude, they're cruel, they're impatient, they're NASTY. Antisemitism and hatred of the Turks is rife even at the very top. And yet these are the gentlemen closest to the truth. It really reflects poorly on this period that the Golden Dawn is Europe's only hope. And they are. They really are.

Is this humanity? I am forced to conclude as I have before that only individuals really matter. You, me, our friends, the people we care about. Race and culture almost don't enter into it. Wherever you go the decent, kindly folk will be difficult to find. But that's our job. No more sentimentality. Just as we talk about the quality of the fish, or the quality of the wheat, or the quality of cow, we shall say "That is a person of low quality" and be done with them. If the bulk of life on this sphere is to perish, we must preserve the natural aristocracy.

Anyway Mikalhikos has lent us two old airplanes and a tiny little ship. He won't like where we're planning to take them. How much do you gentlemen know about Abdul Al-Hazrid? The Mad Arab. In his day the middle-east was the cultural center of the world, famous for its mathematicians and astronomers. It was also, as I've come to understand, the center of esoteric learning. The occulory beneath Arhkam university is actually the imitation of a much grander complex underneath Jerusalem. The Israeli government currently has exclusive access to that site, but there are others, lost or hidden. As it turns out Al-Hazrid may have done his best work on the necronomicon while he had access to one these ancient ominoculory sites.

I don't know the details, but the magnification on some of those old scopes has got to be thousands of times what we're used to. I'm confident some of them are still around, and now the Miskatonic is basically a lost cause I don't know what else to do besides track them down. We're hoping the civil war in Syria will offer us good cover for moving around. Might be able to work something out with the rebels if we're lucky.


Saturday, December 22, 2012

Darrel's December Entry 2012

So, the day the world was supposed  to end has gone and went. I don't know whether or not is because the day was not special in the first place or was it because we have taken steps to ensure it wouldn't end. Given the amount of work put in by ourselves and the Union, it might potentially be the later. But that's all unimportant in the grand scheme of things, we've got plenty of ways to end the world, some of them are in our own hands.

This past month, I've spent a great deal of time stuck in this place where the outside world no longer exists. Without the communicators, I'd have lost contact with you all entirely. We've been camped out in these ruins for about a few days after we started this expedition. We've finally located both the archeologists team, the Union group meant to recover them, and the cache of relics meant to uncover them.

But ever since we've arrived, we've been under siege. As it turns out, the whole thing was a trap. The bait was all real, neither the artifacts nor the men we recovered were tainted, which made it easier to let our guard down… That was when we've ended up getting attacked by Outsiders. There weren't many of them… but man, can they take a beating. One of the heavily armored guys wielding an HMG had to empty a couple of… magazines before this one went down. Another we've had to make it eat high explosives. That said, as hard as the fighting was, we've yet to suffer any dead yet. One guy lost an arm and a leg, and he's a werewolf so that doesn't exactly stick.

But the attack wasn't meant to kill us. It was a distraction for the real prize: the Seed of Life, that little seed I've been carrying around on me. In the chaos, the Outsiders had stolen it. Not long after the Seed had been stolen from me, had I learned what its true purpose was. The inscriptions on the walls of the these ruins were written in First Tongue and after a bit of translation, I learned its purpose. I can't really describe it completely, but I think the closest approximation is that the Seed of Life is a terraforming device. The ruins describe the Seed when it grows into the Tree of Life and allowing life to…be? Something, not sure. Then it creates another Seed when it dies and it's been lost since then.

We'd have recovered it by now, but… we'll, we're surrounded by Outsiders on all sides. They've made small raids here and there to keep us from amounting a large scale offensive and so far, we've been contain. Now the question is… why did the Outsiders want the Seed in the first place? Why go through all this trouble to get us here and steal the Seed, but not kill us? Something tells me we'll find out soon enough.

I've done some thinking about what the Black Crescent is, since we're just waiting it out before it's time to make a move. I think we're stuck in a Verge… a sort of anomaly created when the Spirit and Material worlds are forcibly made into a single plane. It'd explain why there's no shadow here. The Pangaea myth speaks about the world at one time being made up of a single planetary Verge if one were to interpret it like so. But… there's few spirits here… But yet there's Essence EVERYWHERE in these ruins… I've only heard of Verges before from some mystics… but I don't think this is a typical Verge.

You know Chris, that thing we've been taking with us has proven to be quite powerful, but it does raise up some questions, such as "What the hell is it?" The guys I'm stuck with don't seem to know what it is either, so I'm assuming "Top Secret Weapon", but I still don't know the specifics. All I know is that Outsiders are more freaked out about it than I am of it. For starters, they go into a bezerk frenzy around it, but at the same time, they're easier to fight when they're too close to its presence. The same type of Outsider that took several hundred HMG rounds, suddenly became far less resilient and went down without needing to reload. I think it probably lets out some sort of "aura" that cripples them when its active, but that adds even more questions about what it is. That's without getting into the super strength. If it is an Outsider itself, how does it produce an effect like that, like other Outsiders don't seem to that to each other? If it is a shoggoth, I don't think it's a normal one. It doesn't speak, so I can't ask it these questions, but I did manage to glimpse a piece of its armor when it was powered down… Project: Lilith, it read.

You know Chris, maybe you'll meet actual dragons where you're going, though, that might add up more confusion knowing the world you live in. While I think it's possible for you to contact the Oracles, I also don't think it'd be done because you want to contact them… beings of that scale… I think it'd be a fair thing to say that you'd only contact them if they wanted to be contacted. As for dying, do keep in mind that there are plenty of worse things to do than dying.

You know Ricky, reading your letter I've been thinking. Why aren't werewolves connected with the Changing Breeds? I mean, as far as I know, werewolves seem to be far more common than other shapechangers… and yet there seem to be many different kinds of Changing Breeds for each a different species… yet… Uratha seem to be the most common by far and they don't involve themselves with the culture of shapechangers of other… species the same way the other species are of each other.


(4 exp for elaborating on everything. I've left vague to set the stage for what's to come next, but now you can see where things will be going.)

Monday, December 10, 2012

Rick's Entry for December 2012

Hello everypony.... I mean, everybody. I blame this weird cult of ferals I've found on the web. They're like, a group of feral who are all horsekin and takes nicknames based on the TV show My Little Pony. Weirdos. Don't tell them I said that! The web has ears everywhere. Speaking of the web, my own little space on the web to promote the union of ferals is... kind of underwhelming so far. There have been people of all places interested in the idea and the word have spread a bit, but not nearly as fast as I hope. I think I need to study a bit more the mythos around here and try to find one, strong argument to make ferals want to unite under the same cause... because apparently, saving the world isn't all that popular.

This said, I haven't been sitting on my butt all month! Well... I have been sitting on my butt a large portion of it, or laying in bed, but that's beside the point! I did go out a bit, once again thanks to the rather persuasive ways of my dear Amelia. May she go in Hell. Hah, just joking, but really, meeting the vampires, on their turf, wasn't exactly.... what I would call a fun party. Things were pretty tense on their side, as the growing population of other groups have been making their power wane a lot in the chessboard of the Supernatural. That's where we come into play, of course. We're working on the details of how to bridge the gap between them and the werewolves. If we are to be united, we need to be able to count on them not killing each other... among other things. Our evening there had been fruitful... but I'm not exactly looking forward to our next scheduled meeting either. Darn, those people are creepy!

So, we basically got that covered. Just need to be a little better at uniting the ferals. If I can manage that, it should be better to show the other races that we are serious. As for you guys... for all the time I did spent doing nothing, I can't say I've really been keeping an eye on what you have been doing. It's nice to hear that everybody is alright, especially you Lizzy! You had me worried. You should take the time to write a little something, it's not really fair to put all that weight on Chris' shoulder. Being a Mage is tough enough, I'm sure. As for you Darrel... I guess I won't tell you to be careful, this time. Obviously, you don't listen when I try to warn you. So I'm just going to wish you the best of luck. In fact, I want to wish everyone the best of luck. We're closer to the truth, I can sense it. We're going to send those things back where they belong with some well deserved ass kicking!


PS: Austin, can you check at my home when you have time to see if my other pikachu plush is in my home? I may have misplaced mine, I can't find it, and it makes me kinda sad. It's not important though, just a silly feral need. kthkbai!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christian's Entry for December 2012

((4 points, because it was done on time, but couldn’t be sent in time.))

Holy crap does life go on. I haven’t had such an action packed set of entries to look at since this whole thing got started. I’d say I was jealous, but after Lizzie and I in the Underworld, I will be content with a little relaxation for awhile. Not that we have been sitting here doing nothing, mind you. It’s been good to have someone familiar around, after this year away on a crazy vow with crazy rules. Not that it didn’t pay off in the end. I will spare myself for the end, as I usually do in these matters. Will be brief this month. I am about to leave on the most important mission of my life. I have tomorrow to prepare, then it’s off on my own again.

I am glad to hear that you have reconciled to the fact that we cannot negotiate with the Great Outside. As much as I wished the solution were that simple, I agree that we should do whatever it takes and not care if we need to push the outsiders aside to do it. Colonizing the outside seems a bit dangerous, though. I would be content if we could have our own world for ourselves. The universe is a big place. Their power, perhaps. And anything they’ve left behind... but I see no reason to go into the outside. Let me know if you have any success, but remember that our primary goal is the survival of our race and of Earth. Don’t make conquering the enemy more important than our own survival. Because it isn’t. Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord.

Come on Lizzie, I know what’s going on with you, but they don’t! At least I’m not worried about her the way I have been in the past. I know she’s not captured in some lab this time. Trust me, Lizzie’s doing great. Even if she’s a little too nosy for her own good. You promised you wouldn’t tell, Lizzie, so I don’t wanna see no entries about it.

Rick, I wish you well in Europe. If you can unite the ferals, then by all means try! I’ve been trying to unite the Mages for more than a year. We’re actually making some ground there lately, but it looked very discouraging months and months ago when I was under the vow living in a ruined building. Just don’t give up. I don’t know if you will be able to unite the werewolves, but... if you could figure out what creates a feral like you... think of all the nature enthusiasts that would flock to your cause! You could create your own army out of ordinary men and women! The earth would quake at the might of man! And beast. You shouldn’t be jealous of our trip, though... It was fun to be together, but the Underworld sucks big time. I don’t want to ever go back there. We have things so good up here and all those ghosts are just screwed. It’s a bad place. So far from the supernal there wasn’t a high place in sight. Yuck. I can’t bring anyone back from the dead, though. That’s not what I’m doing with Ramira.

This is for you too, Darrell. It is true that the Master can do this, but I don't have his mastery. What I wanted to do is a simpler business. Ramira did not die. She wasn't stabbed or shot or anything like that. She was TAKEN into the void. She was taken out of our universe. I want to prove that our magic is better than theirs by using it to pull her back at the moment she was taken. Because time doesn’t apply on the outside, not the way we understand it, we can pull her back in the moment she left, and it will be like she was never there... complicated quantum mechanics stuff, yadayada… that’s the magic I am looking for. Only the Master could bring back the dead, but I am hoping for his help. The magic of the oracles would be exactly what we need to push back the void. At least my contribution to it. We WILL need more. The world was not made by the oracles. Supernal magic was a part of it but it was not alone. We will need more. And I will not be the one to find it. There are more First Words than mine.

Darrell, good luck. Be safe. I know you’re a hard one to kill though, so I'm not too worried. I won't be able to bring people back from the dead all the time when I'm done, but I hope that I can bring back one. I will prove that it can be done and in so doing I will prove that we are better than they. They think our boundaries and our reality and our law makes us weak, but in reality it makes us strong. The outside is limitless, and so their accomplishments mean nothing. We have meaning. That is why they even bother to kill us. Because they went to take away the one thing they cannot ever understand.

So, I have discovered much of what we mages know to be wrong in this quest of mine in this quest for the Oracles. THEY do exist! But not in the form mages thought. The Oracles were Dragons. This is the name for them, not the race. This is the story I learned from the records I extracted from the Library, which I have spent the bulk of the month in translation. It has been an exhaustive effort, but I /have/ learned. So anyways... The Dragons were ordinary men and women, but they were masters of their craft. Mundane crafts. Mundane sciences, very primitive sciences. But this world is a reflection of the Supernal above us. In their perfect, supernal craftsmanship, these Dragons learned supernal truth. They were the first to awaken, and they led others to awakening in whom they saw the potential. They founded Atlantis, whatever it really was. The scroll does not talk much about what happened after that. But it talks about what they did. The Master of the Carpenter’s Order, the Oracle of the Aether... he made tools of remarkable quality. Somehow... he lived much sooner than I thought possible. All of the Oracles lived at different times... something about their calling brought them back to the... I don’t understand that part. But he made tools for the Greeks, some of the most advanced tools that the world had ever seen. Some of those survive today. I will not give details in case someone is reading this who shouldn’t be. But they exist, and I have done the research, and I know where to find what I am looking for. When I get it, I am going to call the Oracles to help us defend their world.

It can be done, my friends. It will be done. I will be the one to do it. Or I will die trying. Good luck to you all. Darrell... one last word of advice. The Outside cannot be controlled or handled forever. That powered armor suit thing... that thing that was inside it. My advice is to stay away. Whoever in the Union is making those needs to be stopped. It is clearly not human. Unless the shoggoths are working with us... and that’s a fair possibility... the idea of what might really be in that suit is horrifying to me. I wish I had the time to deal with it, but I can’t. Maybe someone else can.

Good luck to you all. Until we meet again.