Saturday, December 31, 2011


Written by Kris

You are all doubtless aware of the WOD RP we had on Atlantis for awhile. It is my hope that RP can be brought back to life in a different form, starting in January. The RP will take place in blog format. Blogs are easy to make, though with so little time myself I am afraid I did not have the resources to set it up. To Ricky I entrust the responsibility of administrating the blog, and helping everyone who wants to be a part of the RP accounts so they can post there.

The RP will begin in January, and it is expected that each person will post ONCE per month. IF you don’t post, than your character was unable to correspond with us, and we will react accordingly. Write in character, sorta like the journals of CD. Only this isn’t a journal, but a magical “Blog” of sorts that we’re all using to keep our investigations straight. Every post earns you a little Exp to spend on your character in the endgame, as follows:

0 Pt = Post your Entry
1 Pt = Post your Entry ON TIME
1 Pt = Reference the discoveries of another character in your post.
1 Pt = Make progress on your own invented sub-plot.
1 Pt = Make some progress towards defeating Cuthulu in your post, whether that be learning something new, gathering some resources we need, or getting closer to doing one of those things.

This means that over the course of the RP, you may earn a maximum of 96 exp, which in the WoD is no small sum. Add this with all the Exp we’ve acquired so far and you can see that’s quite the sum right there.

The actual RP will be run like this: Your character is trying to figure out a way to stop cuthulu, in whatever ways present themselves to your race. Before your post (at least two weeks before the deadline for you) send me a note briefly detailing exactly what it is your character is doing. The explanation does not have to be long. “I meet with the Silver Ladder king and try to persuade him, do I do it?” Is enough, as well as “I open the Necronomicon and study Cuthulu, what do I learn?” Just a brief little note. I will reply with the answer, how things work and what you’ve learned, or a simple message to “decide yourself”, meaning you are welcome to describe events however you choose. 

Please post your message on the blog by your deadline. For January everyone’s deadlines will be the 31st, though starting February I will expect everybody to keep to the following schedule:

1st: Kris
7th KA
13th Ricky
17th Kirby
23rd End
28th Lindsy

You’ll notice you still get most of your points even if you’re late, just so long as the entry gets posted eventually. Note however that past the end of the month you get NO CREDIT for previous months. Of course EXP is a stupid reward, but… I wanna give something, right?

Kirby, I’m trusting you to either scan or type my entries to this RP, which I will send to you for posting in my name.