Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Darrel's July 2012 Entry

I'm still stuck in the Deep Shadow and boy it's been a long day. I'm finally on my way out but first, I'd like to talk about a few things. First, I had suddenly just realized why I've …decided into this place so early in my…"development" and I now finally understand why my group's had a relatively easy time. Earlier this year, I think I've been having urgings, faint whispers or suggestions or something to come through here. I don't hear anything, but I have this gut feeling, like it's in my subconscious. And through these feelings, I've been able to follow a path into the Deep Shadow. AN EASY path mind you, one with barely any resistance and my group hardly gets lost. And I'm also pretty sure that whatever version of the Deeps I'm going through right now is a toned down version that whatever entity is drawing me in cleared for my purposes. This however meant that my group was completely reliant on me to guide the way. If they are separated too long from me, I can only assume that they are dead because of that.

Secondly, I think I also know why I was called and why all of the spirits here are so weakened. As I got deeper, buildings started disappearing or becoming more primitive or ancient whatever, indicating that I've gone back in time so to speak. Thing is, I've also started seeing more… holes… These aren't Wounds which are like a blight on the spirit world, I mean actual holes, tears, rips in the fabric of the Spirit world. I don't want to explain what they look like, but the places they show inside them are… I'm not even going to say it. I thought they were natural at first, but as I got deeper and deeper, my group came to the realization that it was made by someone else.

As it turns out, I wasn't the only one who decided to lead an expedition into the Deeps. I ran into a huge group of what appeared to be ordinary humans. These guys laid an ambush for us when we very close to our goal, though they didn't attack us until their leader introduced himself. He claimed to be an ex-Union member and he said that "one day he learned the so called truth of this world and learned his foolishness for opposing the great lord and for his repentance has been granted great power". Because of that I'm had assumed that he and his men are insane cultists and it was likely his fault for all of the tears we encountered through our journey. He confirmed that all of these statements were true then ordered his men to attack. Thing was that most of the men were using guns and true enough I was right that they wouldn't be working this far deep. So we engaged in a mostly one sided melee and archery based conflict favoring us, that was until… well… their leader used some sort of twisted magic on the bodies of his own men… I can only describe it as… their bodies being corrupted… being twisted… into… monsters… Some fusing together, others would break apart, it was horrid. In the chaos, the man and whatever remained of his cult were able to escape. I lost 3 more warriors in that mess, bringing my total death count to 8. I don't have the time or the manpower to track him down right now, but I'm pretty sure that whatever happens, I'll be seeing him again.

The day after that mess, I had finally made it to where those urgings were telling me to go. It was a large boulder in a large crater of some sort. It had all of these strange burning wolf skulls looking at it. I think it was a holy site or something. When I had toughed the stone, my group had suddenly disappeared, I was alone and covered in this fog. I realized that this was probably how the entity that called me here was going to talk to me. I was thinking it was going to be Gaia, Father Wolf, Luna, maybe even the Firstborn, but no one came. I'm not sure what exactly happened, but I recall seeing visions, things that may or may not have been from our history. Like Father Wolf's murder or more recently, our expedition. And just as strangely as it began, the visions ended and I was holding a small seed in my fist. I felt like I got what I came for, and now I needed to go. This will all probably make more sense when I find out what that seed will turn into.

Chris, I do not think we have the resources to both destroy our enemies and run away at the same time. If we do intend to leave our world, let us do so only if we intend to sacrifice our world because we can no longer reclaim or keep it, or if our world is no longer habitable in the aftermath of our war. If we're going to fight and kill the beings of such magnitude and our world is still reclaimable, I say we keep it. Dividing our efforts to fight and to escape at the same time might make it impossible to do either.

Austin is also right on another thing, we don't exactly have access to any beings of that tier either. The closest I've gotten to the divine since I became a werewolf fits in the palm of my hand right now and I'm not feeling any special power from it just yet. I don't even know what it is, all I know is this is what I came for. Most spirits of such a tier wouldn't have the type of symbolic power necessary to accomplish such a task either. It'd have to be a spirit based upon mass transporting, like a boat, but no boat spirit is that powerful.Really, the only thing I can think that'd ferry the whole world in the wake of disaster like that is the Spirit of Noah's ark, assuming such a thing exists. My point is, let's abandon the world AFTER it is apparent we can't keep it.

It's also good to hear you again Lizzie, though, I don't understand, did you turn into a pirate when I wasn't looking? I recommend you be careful, I heard stuff about sea monsters a while back… Not really sure about them, but I heard some of the things they do are pretty nasty.  

Oh Ricky, I just remembered something. Don't your kind learn a special school of magic? I was thinking those things might be something you'd want to see into. Maybe it'd give you an edge. I'll tell you right now, it's very nice to be able to enchant my claws with the power to sunder an opponent in half. Granted, I heard there was some special condition to your magic, I don't know what.

Well, that's all I got, I'll see you guys hopefully when I am touching actual solid ground.


P.S. Austin, pet your cat for me

(I've found a fan supplement for a hypothetical "race" of supernaturals liked to the Cthulu Mythos. Credit goes to the makers of the Outsider: the Calling project. I'm using their rules for a race of antagonists. You can find their blog or look up tvtropes for more information. I already got a bio for the guy who shows up in this.

You think him being ex-Union is okay Chris? Also, are there any "endowments" for Union hunters?
My next post is going to have a world of event.)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Lizzie's Entry for July 2012

((4 points. On time barely, side plot, mission advancement, talked about the peeps. I'm totally down with the RP town. Woot woot!))

So... Hi everyone... Seems I'm back in the world of the living. (How's that pun for you, Rick-Rick). How're things going? Good? Great? I've been good. Just fine. Sorry people have been worrying about me. You really don't need to, though. It's not like I've been alone, and I'm not just talking about myself. See... since we last spoke, I've officially become a member of the Dim Suns! I could say that's why I've been too busy to get in touch, but to be perfectly honest, I've had plenty of down time. I'm not gonna get into detail about what I've been doing, though. That's private, thanks. I will say that there's nothing like a good wake to forget about the shit going on outside.

Enough about my personal life, though. I'm sure you're all eager to find out what I've learned. Well, first of all, I made sure to get out of the country proper when things started going bad, so again, no need to fuss over me. Do people actually say "fuss" anymore? Sounds kind of stupid now that I've said it. Anyways, we're not too far from Japan, and most of the krewe's still there, doing what they can to keep the peace. But... I'm actually out on a research ship with a few members. You might remember Jade from back when we went to Antartica. She's more-or-less the leader of our mission, even though it was technically assigned to me. Leading isn't really my thing, though, and the only reason they gave it to me is because I was apparently named successor to one of the founders. I... might've told you that before, can't quite remember. Anyways, we've got a few people with us who are experts at ocean-seismic-whatsits. Not sure if it's just the paranormal kind or not. But... we also brought along a new recruit with us. She's not /technically/ a sin-eater, but she's able to communicate with the dead like one. Figured with people like Chiron out there, she was better off with us than wondering Japan on her own. She's pretty cute, but this whole thing has had her on edge lately. Maybe it wasn't the best idea to bring her along, but she volunteered and, well... It's not like things are that great back on land.

Oh, I guess I still haven't said what we're actually doing in a boat miles from Japan. See, we have some idea of what caused the tsunami. Apparently a huge rift opened up on the ocean floor. It's literally deeper than our equipment can scan. There's an Avernian gate in an old sunken ship a few miles away that we've dived to. We think this rift might go into the Underworld, because there's flooding on the other side where there clearly shouldn't be. It's the first time I've seen anything have a direct effect down there. There's a chance that it might extend deeper still. I don't know what's deeper than the Underworld, but I sure as hell hope nothing lives there. I'll be sure to keep you updated.

Now, regarding what you guys have been up to... God damn there's a lot to catch up on. I suppose it's good to know everyone's still alive, even if just barely. I really hope you finish that vow of yours soon, Christian. I'd be happy to take you to the Underworld if that would get you back safely. Which isn't to say I wouldn't do the same for the rest of you guys, but as far as I can tell, no one else is living on the streets. Wanna live on my boat, Christian? Bet it's a lot better than the one you were riding on. Well, okay, I might be a little biased, but... some of that mage stuff just sounds so superfluous sometimes. Ah well, call me when you're free and we can arrange something. I still owe Rick a visit, too. I need to see this foxy fox who's apparently so attractive he couldn't even save her for you.

As for Darrel and Austin, well... I can't say I ever really understood you two, but I'm sure Ricky and Christian can explain the shit you've got going on to me in a way my zombie brain can understand. Speaking of which... has anyone checked on Meghan? I mean, I more than anyone can probably understand the need to keep to yourself, but... she was never this distant before she got taken to Arcadia. Maybe it changed her more than I thought...

Well, running out of time for this. I need to go help hoist the mast or something. I'll try to keep in touch better. Inform you of my many harrowing adventures on the high seas. Arrr!

-Lizzie T. O'Conner

Friday, July 13, 2012

Rick's Entry for July 2012

(( So, 1 pt for on time (10 minutes late so totally doesn't count), 1 point for mentioning other, 1 point for subplot and 1 point for furthering the overall plot, if planning to go meet Austin counts (I'm totally gonna mini that next month, it's gonna be fun) ))

Hello everyone. I don't have much to say this month, because I'm going to be honest with you, Amelia and I are having a bit of trouble focusing on books and boring stuff when there's so much to do out there in the nice summer weather. So no crazy theory from us this month. On the upside, we have visited a few historical sites around Southern Ontario, although it's wasn't always human history it was all about. Like last weekend, we visited an old forest north of Hamilton, where tribal (read amerindian) ferals have gathered hundreds of years ago and still are gathering today, sometime. It was pretty interesting to hear about the exchanges that took place there, one of those rare moments of peace and truce between the different factions and species among us. It reminded me of Amelia and I. I'm a cat, she's a fox, and yet we're together. It was certainly inspiring. We totally did it there.

Too much information, huh? :P

Still, it wasn't a total vacation despite all our goofing around. I've heard about what's going on in Japan, it was all over the news. You know how those big news channel are, they talked about it for like a week, about how the international community was helping the country stay on its foot despite the famine and bla bla bla... Lizzie, if you're still alive, get out of there ASAP! I know you want to help, but darn, we need you alive, no matter how many souls there are over there to guide and whatever ghosty stuff you do. Sadly, I have a feeling what's going on other there is only the beginning. Even here, the price of food and gas is on the rise, I wouldn't be surprised if there was another crash in the next few months, far worse than 2008.  But that's all they want, isn't it? Weaken us to take us more easily, those evil dark creatures of evil. I totally hate them. If I could punch them to death, I so would. I can't though, so I guess research and training are good enough for a Plan B.

So, Austin, good to know you're... well, still alive I guess. I'm very curious about that place you mentioned, with those big caves and... oh, Amelia want to me to tell you she's soooooo jealous of you. I guess we're probably going to try to find a way to 'vacation' there during the summer. Lucky you, you're going to be flea infested by the end of August. Hehe. Just... keep those werewolves away, will ya? We don't really like them much, after what they've done over here last time.

Chris, you're crazy, you know that right? Your vow, your magic, your spy-ish ways, your secret trip with the military, you're sure not lacking fun and action in your life. I can't say I'm jealous of it, I like my comfort, but it's impressive nonetheless. Next time I see you, I'm totally give you a big congratulation hug. Or I'm going to let you pet me. Which you prefer.

Lizzie... you can pet me too, but for different reasons. Like I said earlier, said the f***ing out of Japan! It's insane to be there, insaaaane! Argh! Just thinking about you getting hurt makes me want to... to...

[the rest is a few misspelled words, then random letters]

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Austin's Entry for the month of July

Kissy-poo, what I want to know is why your wise and powerful benefactors couldn't handle all of this themselves, and why you think we can if they can't. Chris could you get in contact with them on our behalf? Can you have them send someone to us? We don't have 'Archmasters' down here. We don't have anyone, just books. Too many books. Couldn't read them all even if they were legible, which they aren't. A lot of them are technical manuals. TECHNICAL MANUALS! Because apparently I still need to eat and breath, avoid swallowing poison and stepping out of twelve story windows... and the like.

But anyway, don't think I've got nothing to talk about. We found someone, if it's proper of to call him that. He wandered up out of the big aquifer in the catacombs. He's from Innsmouth. You can tell, he's got that sickly, bloated look and the large skeleton; the skull is shaped almost like a potato. I thought they were all dead from the tsunami, but I guess that was really naive of me. We don't know how he got down there, though probably there are a lot of tunnels we don't know about. He's... sick, maybe a bit more waterlogged than usual. He didn't put up much of a fight. Right now we've got him tied to a table downstairs. Tapped a couple electrodes into his shins, but honestly I haven’t been able to think of very many questions for him. Apart from “what color is my underwear” (genius) the most pertinent information would seem to be what he was doing down there and how he got there. He doesn't deny who he is, but that's all he'll admit to. He doesn't claim ignorance, but he won't talk yet. It was good fun the first night, but now we've got a handful of the meanest sons of bitches I know working on him in relays. One of them's ex-marine and scares the absolute shit out of me. If it doesn't amount to anything maybe the Scientologists will take him off our hands, assuming they ever get back to us.

Glad I'm not the only one who noticed Lizzie's silence. You'd think she'd at least be able to sound off every now and then. Getting any information out of Japan right now is frustrating. The only eastasian down here is a Korean guy and he doesn't have many contacts over there to speak of besides family. It'd be really nice to hear something. It's good to know she's probably not dead, though I hope it's at the expense of someone who deserved it. The world is full of terrible people, so I guess the odds aren't that long.

I don't really worry about you guys too much, because I know if you're intent on doing something stupid you'll continue to do it, but it's always nice when you finally chime in. It's even kinda' nice when eighty percent of Ricky's messages are about his dating life, since that's much less dangerous than what he could be doing. It's nice when Christobelle sounds like he just shot up, since that makes it easier to disregard anything he says that I don't understand. I don't like it when says he's in the middle of a war-zone. I... really hope you're not in the middle of a war-zone right now. Where are you? The way you describe it I can't help picture you naked out there, and also a mildly chubby blonde girl in here late teens, because my gut tells me that's what they turned you into. Gut tells me you've got your life magic back, too.

By the way I should have mentioned, I've got a cat down here. A regular, ordinary, Swedish housecat. Calling him Bismarck. He's about eleven months old now. If you're intending to pay me a visit (and please, please do), remember the cat has free reign, and you do not. Your reign will cost about seven fifty. Fifteen for Lizzie since she's eating for two. I zhoke, I zhoke. I'm really counting on you all to keep me informed. I don't know how long I can pretend to these people that I know what I'm doing. Bless June's heart, if she's got one.

((4 points. Your ideas are all brilliant, FD. I like them so much, that even if nobody else does and you change your mind, I'm going to use them anyway and just you try and stop me. Godspeed, and do pray for me and all of us.))

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Christian's Entry for July 2012

((Alright, some OoC to start us off. First: KA, please don’t forget to get me the posts as close to the end of the month you can. I had to get them myself this month, and I like not having to do that. Please don’t forget in July.

The second major thing is I would like to announce is a new way to earn exp! I want the world to be changing... hinting in our posts is really good, but specifics are even better! So from now on, everyone may announce one major world event once every three months. This event must be localized to (at most) one country, see mine for an example. Also, I reserve the unconditional veto power on all of them, if they are too gross for the situation or they don’t fit with my story. If I veto your entry, you still get the bonus +1 exp. See mine for an example. Also, keep in mind we have eighteen entries to go. Nothing world-ending will happen until month 24, and when it does I will announce it. That is all I have to say for now. Except that KA’s last entry was my favorite in a long time! Keep up the good work all! Also, I was thinking that the twelve and 24 month entries would be short stories instead of letters, worth fifteen points instead of 4 (5). What are your thoughts on that? Answer in OoC!))

World Event: Japanese supply shortages cause the nation to descend into chaos. Martial law is declared as a civil war sweeps the island nation.

Another month is gone. Time is marching on, and I continue to survive. Things have been getting far more difficult of late. In truth I am amazed I survived the last few weeks. Nobody waste time worrying about me - there really is nothing that can be done to help. And very soon, I won’t need help! The solution to my mystery is within my grasp! The true cause of the Abyss will soon be known to me! I cannot say exactly how learning what it means to be human will help, except that this spell has finally paid off. Remember what I said about the Vow of the Stranger? About how this spell would cause events to line up that would teach me the mystery I wanted to know? Well that’s started to happen. Would you like to hear the story? Of course you would!

So I was at the shelter for the first week of the month. I knew I couldn’t stay and still be able to learn anything, but I was in no rush to leave and expose myself to the constant danger and pain of the outside. So I intended to rest and recuperate until stuff happened that forced me to leave. Well that happened in a way I did not expect - the city the shelter is built in became an absolute warzone. The worst kind of war - gangs and supernaturals and... worse things fighting on the streets. Grenades and mortars and supernatural attacks mixed with the existing damage. The world tore itself apart, and it was only a matter of time before they discovered us.

I knew a bunch of helpless victims would be an attractive target once things really got going and the bloodlust really set in - so for the days leading up to it, I got together with my shelter-mates and helped fortify the place. Barricaded the entrances and exits, cached all the supplies in the center, put together improvised weapons and made some explosives. I was amazed anyone listened to me, but I suppose the sort of people who end up in shelters are either used to being bossed around or have been conditioned to be used to it. Maybe they genuinely thought it was a good idea - I couldn’t say. All I know is we were ready. As ready as we could be. Me without magic and the rest more-or-less defenseless and feeble and afraid does not an army make. To put it bluntly: we lost, badly. I think we managed to kill a few with the explosives. As for us...

I was able to get out the next day, though I was in worse condition than when I had come in. Oh! I almost forgot... while I and the brave ones fought beside the staff, we were able to hold back the gang long enough for more than half the shelter’s population to escape. That day I learned the value of charity as I watched it manifest in pure unadulterated form in my companions. What’s more, I was demonstrating it myself! That’s always satisfying! It feels like this spell is almost broken now. Hope and charity makes two, and I learned the other night that I have my magic back. I feel much more alive now, too! This damn vow is almost over, almost broken for good!

For a reason, Fate is taking me exactly where I need to go to answer once and for all the questions I have set out to solve. The last piece of my human equation I already know, and as for the abyss: I have discovered a secret society. Take a number, right? No, this one is long extinct. But their work has survived, and it’s here with me in this country! I will need to get to the other side - a difficult arrangement considering the political situation - but I’m on my way now. I’ve stowed away in a military boat bound for the place I need to be. I... would rather not talk about how I’m doing it. But the military is definitely the lesser of seemingly infinite evils, and I am warm now, and well-fed.

Once we reach our destination, I should be able to use magic to slip away, into the Labyrinth of the Presbatorium. They’re an abyssal cult - or they were. You cannot imagine how old they are. Want to guess? Try... 20,000 years old! Before written language - pretty incredible stuff. The military is apparently investigating too, but I should be able to take advantage of that. They have mages, but all of them seem to lack perspective. If anyone is going to solve this, it’s going to be us. This problem is going to be mine. I am almost there, though. I am so close to victory I can almost taste it! Pray for me, everyone! I am positive the last attribute of humanity is faith. I do not know how to manifest it, but I know how to pray. That’s... sorta faith-ish! Right?

Lizzie, I pray you are okay! I am getting worried those bastards in Cheron got you again. Please tell me that isn’t the case! Please! We have a lot of catching up to do! A lot of catching up! Also, we’ve got a library to visit. I think that trip may be critical to our future plans. I will explain why when I get a chance to talk about them.

Darrel, your account of the deeps is more than fascinating. Perhaps we can get some collaboration going here. It’s so weird you don’t need real food there - I guess you’re all spirit in a place only spirits tread. Rick, Atlantis seems to me more like i than an actual place. It doesn’t exist, but it makes the equations possible. But the theory is good - something happened. The werewolves and mages agree at least on that. Changelings too. SOMETHING changed! Heck, vampires too. We must got to the root to find the truth - and so we shall.

Austin’s suggestions are the key. Either we find the way to save reality by severing the Abyss from the Mundus or we flee to a safer reality and sever all the bridges. I was thinking... why not both? Here’s what I mean. I know of a way an alternate, small universe could be created. It would /not/ be easy, but working together it could be done. With the help of an Imperial Master, we could find an existing realm connected to a specific /point/ in time. That way, all entry and exit would be at one time - we could flee there together, and return only when we had perfected a solution. And if we never did... we would not have to return. Call it the lifeboat. There are almost infinite pocket-realms already out there - little spheres that coalesce on either side of the abyss. It will be difficult, though. To make this plan work, the following would need to be in place:

  1. Find a life-supporting realm of sufficient size. Such a realm could be located one of two ways. Very powerful spirits or archmasters may know of one, or - we could use the library. All knowledge is there, including every realm to ever exist.
  2. Collect the needed resources and people. The very best... and we would need everything in one go. There would/could be no coming back for more.
  3. Build a bridge linked to a particular point in space, or move one to that time. That way, all in/out of the realm will only be at that instant. This only an Oracle or God-level spirit could accomplish. Maybe one of the greatest true-fae.

So... can it be done? If we work together, I think it might. Maybe... if Lizzie and me can find the realm, Austin and Rick can get the stuff we’ll need inside it together and Darrel can get a god to build a bridge. Is that... feasible? What do you all think about this? I hope to hear from you all soon. Soon I will be done with this dumb vow, and back on the front lines with you.

((So... five exp for that one. Like a boss. Please don’t everyone do events... do some next month or the one after!))