Friday, August 23, 2013

Darrel's August 2013 Post

(5 exp, 4 from on time posting and referencing everyone and 1 from current event. What're we doing for the last posting session and when is that?)

Things... are nearing the end. Can any of you feel it? I have a feeling we will soon know whether or not our actions have managed to change our fate. Whether we are deserving of the sword being removed from over our heads or whether our race will be snuffed out.

I spoke to our Mother a day prior to writing this. And we ended up fighting... Despite how much I had always thought how Luna was an insane and unknowable spirit being, I never really expected her to be so... human. Generally speaking, spirits always seemed respent a platonic ideal made manifest. But never in my wildest dreams have I ever thought that other than all of the long distance traveling I would have needed to do, that... Luna would be easily approached. I suppose... she is in many ways the ideal of being a mother... as for what she looks like... that part, she keeps changing form, but yeah, other than that... really bizarre.

Of course... it does not help me much. She has... said that she had no control over the rest of my kind and that despite my intentions and the greatness of my feat, the Civil War will continue.

Which makes it kinda sad since a sizable number of us have been killed when our suits were cut open. Despite our rapid regenerative abilities, thatdoes not save us from a violent decompression from a large suit tear. Damn the Idigam.

Oh and fun times, our lizard friends came along with us... And unfortunately for us they do not need space suits. Damn them. Where the hell did they get a shuttle? Actually... it is fortunate they came... I think I have a good offering to make.

Ricky, I know that the situation is stupidly dangerous, but you gotta admit, meeting Gaia isn't that... reasonable as well...

And Christian... we have no idea what the future holds. But we'll never see it if we do not open our eyes and look. I know things are bleak on your end, but we have to press on. Win the war, or run away, what matters is that we live on and survive.

Current Event: Global Meteor Shower. Many areas of the globe including parts of Germany, Ecuador, and Malasia were hit simultantiously by a light shower of meteorites. While most stones were unimportant or simply vaporized before they could land, a small number of these meteors, specifically the larger ones possessed unique materials found no where else and in some cases outsiders, living and dead and of various types, hidden inside them. Regardless of their contents, various conspiracies seek out these meteorites for their special contents.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Rick's Entry for August 2013

(( 4pts, for barely on time, global plot, personnal plot, mention of other. ))

Hello ev... well, Christian

To be fair, not a bunch of time has passed since the last time I wrote, so it's not that strange to see a lack of activity on those magical communication lines. It would have been awesome to get awesome news from you Christian, especially after your unusual silence, but... glad to see you're alive, at least. I will bring some positive in this otherwise gloom and dark world we're in. We have found Gaia, or rather, we have found where exactly she is. We are trying to find someone who can help me negotiate with her, because we all know I'm not quite the most subtle in term of what I say when I talk in public. I don't want to miss this opportunity, enope. We're having too much to lose in this fight to take things lightly.

In other news, Amelia is feeling the baby move inside of her. It brought warmth to my heart to know that a new life is growing inside of her. Hopefully there's still going to be a world for he or she to be born in. We tried to list names for the baby during the short moments we have for ourselves. I think by next month we should have trimmed it down enough for it to be known.

And... that's all I had to say. I hope you can get out of your sticky situation, Chris! I'm sure you can! You may talk crazy, but you're not one to fall on the battlefield so easily. I believe in you!


Thursday, August 1, 2013

Christian's Entry for August 2013

Christian's Entry for August

((Four points! Unlike last month. >.> ))

Thank God this thing still works. I can't tell you how much of a relief it is to be out in the real world again. To still be /alive/ for that matter. I'll keep this quick. I know I tend to talk a lot, but I won't do that this time. No time. Even without a head a snake can still be a dangerous thing.

So without going into too much detail, negotiations didn't go well, and we couldn't hold the city. Their terms were pretty stupid. Me and the other leaders surrender ourselves for trial and everyone else can go free. It's hard for me to understand boldness like that. As though defending ourselves from unprovoked attack qualifies as treason. Whatever. There's a problem relying entirely on troops from the Dreamlands for your army. If your enemy realizes that is what you're doing, they have a tendency to take advantage of it. I always knew we weren't the only people with magic in the world, but I never could've imagined they would find a way to reverse the spell I used to return to the physical world. The result of the collapsed Wending instantly banished all of our extra-dimensional support. No longer did we have an army. Our heavy artillery was gone, along with our foot-soldiers. All we had left were the human mages and a handful of human allies.

Not off to a good start. Rather than attempting to fight hopeless odds, we ran like a bunch of cowards. It's very difficult to contain a whole bunch of mages who don't want to be somewhere, so we scattered to the winds more or less the instant they pulled the trigger on whatever spell they used. The best part of this whole thing is that most of the mages got away. Very few of our number were actually captured. Ramira and I got separated. No idea what happened to her. I think she ended up with one of the groups that was fleeing through the Hedge into Moscow, but I can't say for sure.

I wasn't so lucky. Every countermeasure I've used to protect my identity has failed, because our attackers knew who I was. They knew what group I was traveling with, and they ambushed us in the Shadow. I don't mean the US Army. I mean the Vampires, the ones that spurred the attack from the beginning.

Several allies dead. I'm captured, taken back to a headquarters of some kind. Vampires can be surprisingly cordial. This is why I wasn't able to update all of you about anything.

But I'm out now. Maybe I'll talk more about it later. For now that's all that's important. I can't seem to get to the dreamlands anymore. I think whatever spell we were hit with that returned our allies also shorted out everyone else's ability to go there. I'm not sure if the damage is permanent, but it means that in the meantime I won't be getting an army that way again.

So that's it. No more diamond nation, no more dreamlands. The end is near. I'm starting to like the sound of Austin's flight from the universe more and more. I can't help but feel our cause is more and more hopeless every day. If the Elder Things couldn't even handle a few shoggoths, what hope do any of us have?