Wednesday, September 25, 2013

My entry thing for September. Er... I'm Lizzie... Lizzie's entry... Oh, and 2013, I think. Yeah. September 2013. Lizzie's Entry for September 2013. How do I get rid of what I wrote before? Ah, fuck it.

Hello? Is this thing working? Okay, if you can hear me, I've read some of your past messages. I can't say I fully understand, neither of us do, but... Okay, let me start from the beginning. My name's Lizzie, and Undine... Or, the other me is named Undine. Anyways, I'm the Speaker for the Dead. I'm the representative of the Underworld against the outsiders. Based on what I've read, you all seem to have similar roles for other things, but I haven't gone back that far. The Admiral only just fished this weird device out of the Sea earlier.

Oh, I should explain who that is! See, I'm a crew-member on his ship. I have been for... a few months now. He rescued me from almost drowning. I don't remember a lot of what happened... When I woke up, all I really knew was that I was that Speaker for the Dead I mentioned. But he's been helping me remember who I am in exchange for working on his ship. I don't really mind, especially since he said he would help me against the old ones when the time came. I don't know how he intends to get this ship to the surface, though.

I'm sorry! I'm rambling, aren't I. I know humans tend to ignore ghosts, but I hope you won't do that to me just because I'm talking too much. But... When the Admiral showed me this thing, I just knew it was mine somehow, even though I don't know any of you. Maybe it's part of my destiny? But... since we all seemed to be fighting the same fight, I thought I'd send you all a message. Oh! And, I should let you know that things aren't right down here. Admiral says that something's happened to the Leviathan. That's the protector of the sea here. He thinks something got it from below. If something could take out a creature that powerful... what's down there?

Again, sorry if I wasn't supposed to use this thing. But I feel like I needed to. I don't know why... Maybe something in these archives will help me. I'll be reading those whenever I get a spare moment, which isn't often with the Admiral. I'm honestly surprised he's let me go this long. I should probably go before he changes his mind about giving this to me. Bye! Oh, Undine says bye, too!

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Darrel's September 2013 Entry

Christian, the reason Luna has not killed me is because she can't. She can't willingly hurt any werewolf, even when they threaten her. It's her primary Ban. And quite frankly she doesn't want to either. I think this whole situation can be best explained by pointing out her name. What is it? Mother Luna. She loves her children too much… Look at everything the Uratha as a whole have done and try to put that in the same equation as near endless love. And that is why she is… shattered; so difficult to understand and approach. Her essential nature is that of a mother, one that is impossibly old. She love us too much. And now that I think about it… maybe that was why Father Wolf died. Maybe he loved his kids too much too…

This whole voyage, if anything has let me see the world the from God's eyes a bit more. When you love you love your children too much… and you see what harm they are destruction they are capable of. But you find yourself unwilling to commit the punishment they so rightly deserve… What do you then?

I best not mull over those thoughts too much. They might drive me insane… or less insane, depending on where my thoughts wander… Sanity is relative and specific to one's own culture after all.

Luna and I have done some talking here and there. So things are pretty good it seems.

We have made some signficiant progress in culling those lizardmen. Brought down most of their numbers when we realized that for all of their adaptive prowess, they have limits on how much they can evolve. For example, causing enough bloodloss while we're on the darkside of the moon causes it to freeze to death, as it has to drop his temperature homeostasis adaptation to let it regenerate. That's one disadvantage to not having space suits control your temperature for you, I guess. Once we figured that trick the enemy had to be more cautious.

We also had to construct an altar on the moon. Something that's incredibly hard to do when there's no available oxygen to make a fire. We had to do something really… funky improvisations. Such as having to use a discarded engine from a destroyed rocket and making a chisel out of a lizard's bones. It's working to say the least.

All we need now is to make the proper statues and prayers and a proper offering. That cultist that started this whole lizardman mess is here, still human...looking. I see him leading attacks every now and again. But you know he's not human when he just stands out in space without a space suit.

Once I get things cleaned up, I'm going back home a hero. The only thing the werewolves will ever respect is feats done. Well, I think going to the moon, speaking to Luna, and making an offering. Seriously, I can think of only a few ways anyone is going to top this.

And Ricky… Spirits like Gaia have been around for… ever. To them, we're just another creature, another insignificant thing. Though mankind and its derivatives have taken over the world, we still have not mastered it. Expecting an ancient spirit like Gaia to be humanoid in its first appearance is… not a safe bet.

Also, good to hear from you Amelia. I wish you luck on your work. I will advise you not to follow the path of mister lizardmen on the moon here. Seems like most of them aren't even… themselves anymore after the change… just monsters. It shouldn't be too hard to do better than him.

Christian, there's way too many legends of lost Islands in the Pacific… Like too many that aren't compatible. It could be Atlantis, or a lost part of it… Or it could be something a lot worse. I do agree staying away from it is a smart idea.

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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Rick's Entry for September 2013

(( On time, plot, subplot, mentioning others (kinda). ))

Hello everyone!

I should probably have listened to you guy's warnings about Gaia. In hindsight, asking for the help of an omnipotent spirit wasn't all that smart of an idea. On the other paw... it worked!

...kinda. Well, at least, it worked better than Darrel and his lizards. Things. Whatever. Finding her was hell in the first place, and it was more like, she found us. We were minding our own business, taking a break from looking for her because, you know, the night is for sleeping, not hunting spirits, and then BAM! A wild Gaia appears!

She wasn't at all like I expected her to be. Maybe I watched too many horror movies, but I was thinking more like, you know, see-through human like figure. With flowers and stuff. Nope. She was more like an animal, with all sort of parts from various things, like... a chimera? Yup, a chimera with a face. With 3 eyes. Or maybe it was two. I'm tired, leave me alone!

I wish she hadn't gone on a very boring lecture about animal spirit blablabla something something. It would have saved me a few hours and a few headaches. Nonetheless, she agreed to help, if only because the world was kind of screwed without people alive on it. I suppose it would have left a lot of ghosts for an equally dead Lizzie to clean up after, but that wasn't the point here. Or maybe it was. I wanna sleep.

Oh screw this.... zzzzzzz...

Amelia here.

Ricky fell asleep while working on this. Poor thing. I told him to take a break, but he never listens. We found Gaia, and she accepted to provide us with the power to create many ferals as an emergency measure. It wasn't without a few strings attached, but we will sort out the details later. For now, we will try to find as many 'compatible' humans as we can. I understand the risks involved in this, mostly regarding the loss of humanity after the transformation. I'm not sure Ricky does. At times, it feels like it's all a game to him. Maybe it's his way of coping with the burden. I know I would give a lot to just be able to forget it myself and take care of my baby better. I'm afraid I could lose it...

PS: I don't pretend to completely understand what you guys are doing out there, but good luck and stay safe. I think Ricky would have said that.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Christian's Entry for September 2013

((5 points. Not sure If I've done a current event in awhile. I'm not sure how many there have been, but none of us should have more than 4 of them. No more than four bonus points per person from them. You can do more events, just can't get any points for 'em.))

Christian's Entry for September

It's good to hear from some of you again. The silence on some fronts is more than a little frightening, but I suppose there's nothing for it but to hope. there's enough darkness in the world without inventing my own dark reasons for why people haven't spoken up. With any luck they're just as invented as everything else that's going on.

It's hard to believe that you could have spoken with Luna and lived, Darrel. That's the stuff of legend. If we survive all this, they're going to have to write a book about us. It will be a long book. An interesting book too, probably. Probably not safe for young audiences. But I'll just be happy that there are young audiences for it not to be safe for.

Rick, be careful. The spirits are Darrel's thing, so watch out. Gaia might be your mother, but she's a vindictive creature. She's been very wrongfully used in the last century and not happy about it. More to the point, she's power in a way that none of us can really fathom. Your pride will get you nowhere if you're dead.

As far as my own front is concerned, it seems like the vampires have given up trying to find me. Without sympathetic magic, it's very hard to track somebody down who doesn't want to be found. it doesn't take much Life to look like somebody else, and I've been all sorts of somebody elses over the last month just getting by.

This new government here in the US is interesting. All these self-contained city states claiming to the the united states. A much lower population makes easier feeding, but it's amazing to me they can keep all those farms running. The US was the breadbasket of the world. I wonder what other countries are doing now that we're only barely feeding ourselves.

I guess having so many people killed by outsiders probably helps.

I hear rumors about something in the pacific. Some sort of new island. I don't like the sound of it. Too many old legends in the ocean. Too many hoary things down there.

I've got together with a Cabal here, helping out the locals. I would love to do more, but I just don't know how to contribute right now. The Master's magic keeps me safe, but not much else. I can't use it to cal for aid anymore. If only I knew how to turn it against our enemies. Trample out the grapes of wrath and all that stuff in the song.

If only life was a song.


World Event: Strange new island in the pacific interupts one of the few still-functioning shipping lanes between the US and China. Nothing that has ventured within 50 miles of it, air or sea, has been seen again.