Wednesday, September 25, 2013

My entry thing for September. Er... I'm Lizzie... Lizzie's entry... Oh, and 2013, I think. Yeah. September 2013. Lizzie's Entry for September 2013. How do I get rid of what I wrote before? Ah, fuck it.

Hello? Is this thing working? Okay, if you can hear me, I've read some of your past messages. I can't say I fully understand, neither of us do, but... Okay, let me start from the beginning. My name's Lizzie, and Undine... Or, the other me is named Undine. Anyways, I'm the Speaker for the Dead. I'm the representative of the Underworld against the outsiders. Based on what I've read, you all seem to have similar roles for other things, but I haven't gone back that far. The Admiral only just fished this weird device out of the Sea earlier.

Oh, I should explain who that is! See, I'm a crew-member on his ship. I have been for... a few months now. He rescued me from almost drowning. I don't remember a lot of what happened... When I woke up, all I really knew was that I was that Speaker for the Dead I mentioned. But he's been helping me remember who I am in exchange for working on his ship. I don't really mind, especially since he said he would help me against the old ones when the time came. I don't know how he intends to get this ship to the surface, though.

I'm sorry! I'm rambling, aren't I. I know humans tend to ignore ghosts, but I hope you won't do that to me just because I'm talking too much. But... When the Admiral showed me this thing, I just knew it was mine somehow, even though I don't know any of you. Maybe it's part of my destiny? But... since we all seemed to be fighting the same fight, I thought I'd send you all a message. Oh! And, I should let you know that things aren't right down here. Admiral says that something's happened to the Leviathan. That's the protector of the sea here. He thinks something got it from below. If something could take out a creature that powerful... what's down there?

Again, sorry if I wasn't supposed to use this thing. But I feel like I needed to. I don't know why... Maybe something in these archives will help me. I'll be reading those whenever I get a spare moment, which isn't often with the Admiral. I'm honestly surprised he's let me go this long. I should probably go before he changes his mind about giving this to me. Bye! Oh, Undine says bye, too!

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