Thursday, February 23, 2012

Darrel's Entry for February 2012

(1exp on time + 1exp subplot +1expreferencing "Chris" and "Ricky"+1exp goal = 4exp)

I reallyhate you right now Chris, mostly for being right about that bit about deeperlayers of the Shadow go "deeper in time". Just after I received yourlast letter, I got wind of a t-rex spirit wandering about. I don't know whetherto be thankful of it being a "real" one or not, cause from what Ihear this thing freely moves between the Shadow and the mortal world, almostcompletely without the need of a locus (I dunno what you were thinking Chriswhen you said, Hallow, I don't think I heard of those before) or some otherweakness between the walls between worlds. It apparently used this ability tosneak into a zoo, somehow becoming corporeal, eat some elephants (which the zoogoers painfully saw), then disappearing before anybody could go and take itdown. I'm not even sure how it got here, why it's able to do that, but I thinkthis is a clear sign that all hell just broke loose. At the very least, I know thatif THAT came from deep in the Shadow, I have a lot of mileage I can go through.

Yet, despiteall of THAT, the local leading packs aren't considering it something worthlooking into. Local authorities are trying to find it, but don't jack aboutspirits. No  dealing with a monster frombefore history. The Spirit caller in my pack (by the way, I got a pack now,happy me, I'll tell you about them later) tells me that it's actually very weakright now (I figure from actually t-rexes being… extinct), but as it hunts andkills, it'll get stronger. The only thing odd about it is its ability to freelywalk between the Shadow or the mortal world… Wonder if I can either get a giftthat lets me do that from it… or maybe kill it and get some respect (not mypack things of me that much yet). Either way, hunting that thing is going to bea pain. No one knows where the hell it is and it disregards territory, that'snot even considering its power.

But enoughabout that t-rex, I'll tell you about it when I've dealt with it. I think I'lltell you about my pack. All of us are a bit new at this, most of them have onlybeen a wolf for about under a month and oddly enough I am the third mostexperienced. All of us are ghost wolves, no formal tribe affiliation, no grouptotem (I can't exactly break out of my agreement with Bound-Yet-Free [or was itbackwards? neither of us are sure], cause well, he's a part of me now.) So far,my pack's got eight members, but I think I'll just tell you about the ones thatI know well enough.

First off wegot Jack "Silver-Tongue", he's a half-moon and good negotiator. He'sthe most experienced with being a werewolf, at just over a year today. Not thebest in a scuffle, but he has gotten us out of having get in a one in the firstplace. He also fills the role of our spirit caller, and provided the detailsabout the t-rex.

Second, is "Strikes-From-Afar"Ed. Gibbous moon. Apparently, a gunsmith and he knows his way around computers.Doesn't like fighting up close (I don't blame him). He technically isn't part apart of the Iron Masters just yet, but according to him, he needs to go on aone-year pilgrimage before he's allowed to join. I don't know why, but I'lltake it. He is also the "newest" to being a werewolf.

And lastly,Maddie "Mauler", I may be a full moon, but I don't have the kind ofbattle rage she does. She's a new moon, so I don't know how she got like that,but she loves Gauru or war form a lot and does a lot of her fighting even inhuman form with lots of repeated quick attacks. She easily gets angered and isthe member I disagree with the most. You do not want to tick her off.

We don'thave much territory of our own. at best, we control a neighborhood subdivision anda nearby park (thankfully that leads OUT of the city) and only got a few, weakloci. No pack has claimed the area before, so we got kinda lucky there, but I am sure that we will need to leavethe territory if we're ever going to start the expedition.

Still noluck on any good melee weapons, though. We got plenty of guns, but I don't knowhow useful that will be in the Deep Shadow.

Also Ricky,I got nothing, I don't live there, and I am not exactly someone the Urathanation considers relevant. I can probably send Jack and see if that works, butyou know… we'll be kinda vulnerable without him, especially since we juststarted… on the other hand though… I can use this to extend my influence… Yougot him Ricky. Just let him do the talking.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Rick's Entry for February 2012

(1xp for posting, 1xp for talking about my subplot, 1xp for mentioning some of Chris' and Austin's stuff, 1xp for furthering the main plot a tiny bit.)

Woah... time sure does fly by fast, doesn't it? I was so focused into doing... work... for my new friends that I almost forgot to think about you guys. At least, until I received that message from you, Christian. Then, something clicked in my mind. That person you saw, I had seen her a few times before. Her name is Amelia. She wasn't really a close friend of mine before that day, but I had seen her around. She's a really cute girl, you would love her Christian. She's short, maybe an inch or two shorter than Lizzie, not really really good with heights. Red hair down to the shoulder, innocent face... but that's only a facade, I'm telling you. She has a naughty and tricky side to her, more on that later. Before I received your message, I knew her through the network of known ferals in Toronto. Found her cute and her fox form is really adorable, but nothing more. Then it changed.

Gotta admit here, I may have stalked her a bit. I mean, when someone tells you the cute girl he never met may be important to your life, you gotta try to look more into it, right? Anyyyyyway, a week ago, I saw her leaving a party organized by us with a strange boy. It wasn't a private party, so there was more than just us ferals there, but that boy just felt... off. You know, like when you go walking in the forest and it's all silent suddenly? Yeah, kind of weird. So being a curious kitty, I followed them. What happened next... kind of a blur, really, but...

Turns out the guy was a werewolf and led her to one of their Hollows, where others were waiting. I didn't hear everything, but I think they were pissed because of some ferals stepping on the territory of the wolves in the City and wanted to make an example out of Amelia. I wish I could tell you more, but I barely remember it. I felt so angry, so protective of that girl that I changed into my deadliest shape and faced the wolves. The rest is a blank... all I know is that I've been stuck in this Hospital bed for a week now. Broken ribs, lots of cuts. Official story is that I've been attacked by a wildcat, but I know better. I lost the battle, there's no doubt about that and I've stirred up the tense territory disputes between the ferals, the werewolves and the skin thieves, but I couldn't care less about at the moment.

The girl... I've actually saved her. According to her, she fled during my intervention, then called on the cops. The wolves had injured me a lot by the time the cops arrived and I've been brought here. Since then, Amelia has been visiting me every day. It's... every time I see her, I forget the pain, I forget my situation and I feel so good. Last time I've felt like this, it was... well... yeah, sorry Lizzie. Am I cheating on you? Not sure. I hope you still want to be my friend if this hospital flirt turns out to be anything serious afterward...

Oh... and Darrel, I'm not sure if there's anything you can do, but I think I may be on the wolves' enemy list, or something. If you have any tip to help me survive in a hopefully diplomatic way, it would be great. I don't want to become wolf meat the moment I get out of here.

By the way, sorry Chris. I know I'm supposed to be helping the world, but my live is a bit of a turmoil at the moment. Doesn't mean I got nothing new, though. My recording allowed me to film these ghostly figures on the lake. They appear in the middle of the day, which is really weird since nobody else saw them. They look like ghosts, but shaped like monstrous mermaids. Amelia has been bringing me a few books, since reading and watching TV is pretty much the only things I've been able to do in the hospital. I didn't get a lot so far, but my theory is that those ghosts may be linked to the Underworld, or may be trying to affect the minds of the people who are on boats in the Lakes. I will personally go there as soon as I can. Who know, maybe Amelia will want to go on a 'romantic' cruise date with me.


PS: Your view of the world is interesting, Austin. I'm gonna look into that too.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Austin's Entry for February 2012

((Mwuhaha. 1 point for relatively on time, 1 point for subplot, 1 point for progress))

The confusion never seems to ebb. It seems like there just aren't any questions out there content to simply have an answer. Every question always has more questions, always. I don't feel like I have much time for charity, for love, or for sentimentality. Quite frankly I'm exhausted. You know what's a good something to compare me too? Those AI's from the Halo books. Spend my life thinking so much I forget to breath. Only ever seems to get worse, too, but I'll be damned if I start generalizing again; I can't afford to do that. If life is too short not to generalize a little, well, then I intend not to die, thanks.

But... progress! Progress of a sort! It hit me the other day. In the magical community you'll often hear the phrase 'Distance is an illusion'. While in the community of physicists it'll sometimes be said that 'The universe is a 3d projection, like a hologram'. For the most part I was ready to dismiss both of these claims, but then a few days ago a monstrous epiphany attacked me, and I thought “Christ on a cracker! These two go together don't they?!” I'd never really spared much thought for either concept before, but now I think I understand. If the universe really is holographic than certainly distance IS an illusion. You could compare quantum mechanics to the operating system of a computer. If there was a man living in a virtual world, and you told him that all his reality could be described with and is in fact composed of ones and zeros, he might ask how far apart they are, or how big they are, or where they are. These are all ridiculous questions. Or I suppose they are, since I'm not a programmer. But what I believe is that none of them could be answered, except to say that the ones and zero have no size, no and no relative position, just like atoms. You can't ever see them; it wouldn't be like those dumb scenes in the matrix where they flow up and down the walls, but they create the world.

And of course, Mr. Virtual world would not be moving, even if it looked as if he was. Nothing in his world could truly move as we understand it. I'm not sure exactly what you would call it; perhaps transforming one’s environment into one's destination. Yet this of course raises all the scary questions that don't leave me alone. If distance is an illusion, does that mean individuality is an illusion too? There has to be a better word to use than illusion, what could it be? The more I delve into ontological magic the more I find myself willing to forgive those who chose to keep their 'firm foundations' and cozy identities. Any evidence for free will? Nopenopenope, not yet. What even is free will, anyway? I'd give anything to just pick a path and take a side like I used to.

Now, to the matter at hand. I can't imagine what specifically could help us besides more knowledge. Whose god is rushing to our aid now? I know very little about the divine, but it seems to me like whether allies or not the... supernal... avatars, aren't exactly enthroned in this universe. Rather... though I don't mean to be dramatic, and while yes it is all just speculation on my part, it seems like the old gods, and in particular the 'outer' gods, are the true masters of this world. Effectively, anyway. My theory is that... these beings are so unfathomably different from us and so huge, that they don't even really notice us much. I suspect... though it's painful to contemplate, that they aren't even particularly malevolent towards us, no more so than when you or I wash our hands with soap to kill bacteria. That's how I think we should think of ourselves right now. We're like a colony of germs inhabiting a single skin-cell on great Yog-Sothoth's forehead. Even if he knows we're there, do you really expect him to stop showering?

Now, speaking of, what bolsters my idea, I think, is the frequent description in cultist literature of lord Yog-Sothoth and lord Az'sothoth as the center of the universe. Now, the universe HAS no physical center, so the only meaning I can derive is metaphysical, which is to say if the Outer Gods are the center of the universe, then they are likely in charge of the universe, in command of its laws to some... probably significant extent. Likely they stole the throne; seems to be what the stories say. Anyway, that's my theory. A... curiosity at best. C'thulu and his cohorts are of course another matter entirely, but... basically just trying to keep things in perspective. If you think about it, the situation is so incredibly desperate right now that there really isn't any point to be afraid. All we can do is our best.

Now, here's what I've been doing. I've never really been one to initiate things, but we're famous now, so I haven’t had to. I get to meet a lot people and have a lot of discussions. It's very fortunate that the Free Council doesn't play host to very many convention or super conventional people, plus with all the scary shit going down people's minds are probably a bit more open than usual. So... what we're after... is the Necronomicon. We need knowledge, and that book offers knowledge potentially from the very heart of reality, or close to it. At any rate it should help us to understand the danger better. It turns out the Deep Web does have the Necronomicon; actually turns out that's pretty common knowledge on the Deep Web. The pages are all spread out, encoded in packettes all over. Now the problem is, they're all in ancient Arabic. I don't speak Arabic; I don't know anyone I can trust who speaks Arabic. The question must be asked whether anyone has ever translated it, or whether it can be translated without losing too much of its substance. Anyone I might ask about it is crotchety and old, and probably has something like your ridiculous mindset, Chris: Bad book! Bad book! No! Shew! No touchey! But, sorry, I was staring into abyssal maws way before this shit started going down.

And of course, this is why I'm also looking into time. I remember, Lizzie, and I remember how back then I barely gave a piss about time. I remember I asked you once or twice what exactly made you so fascinated about it. Never got a clear answer; kinda' assumed it was just... a thing, and left it that. In my case I can tell you exactly why I'm interested: ontology. I'm not even sure why exactly, I just strongly suspect that time, and likely space as well, is the key to understanding the true nature of reality. Knowledge like that, for me, would be its own reward, and knowledge is power. Power is its own reward too. Whatever you do, don't let time and space meet up. You know what happens? A universe happens. Stuff gets everywhere. I have to ask, why Japan? Is there something I missed? Floods happen. Natural disasters happen. I mean the tsunami was only a few years ago.

Better wrap this up. If anyone of you know anything about how to get hold of a legible English translation of the Necronomicon, you know who to either go to right away, or avoid at all costs.

P.S. Ricky, I miss you. I got a cat. His name is Bismarck. He's really sweet. You jelly?

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Christian's Entry for February 2012

((Yo-yo everybodypeople. I finally got a chance to look at all-y’all’s posts, so I can start on my reply. I dunno how long it will take to write a reply post while in the field... I guess you will all find out. So I enjoyed all your posts, except for my sister’s that I did not get to read. I’ll respond to it next month I guess, sorry! And now, time to write. Fiction time!))

Hi everybody! It’s been ages since I got to use this thing. I spent an awful lot of time thinking about you all, but only until just now did I have even a free second to talk to you. It’s so awesome to have this chance, and so rare. I work very hard as I prepare to take my oath at the end of the month. That’s gonna be a... difficult time. Must not think about it must not think about it must not think about it... Oh look, I’m thinking about it. Fun fact: the fastest anyone ever prepared to take the vow was one year, and they never came back. I have to leave in a /month/, a month! That’s so crazy to me. I often feel crazy for being here, as though I am totally insane for giving up everything and coming out here. I miss my family, I miss you. I miss electronics and making out with all the girls all the time. Don’t judge me I totally did.

Life here is very hard, just like before. Perhaps not as hard as for you Darrel, since I do not have to worry about fighting for my life for the moment. There are spirits here, but spirits work /with/ mages. One of those little perks I guess. What is happening with the Shadow is interesting, Darrel. On the subject of time like Austin was talking about, I hear stories that the deeper you go into Shadow the more time is distorted and closer to the first days of Earth. Maybe you could go to one of these areas and ask a powerful spirit or something to teach you what happened when the earth was made. Ricky: don’t be afraid of the werewolves. Just stay away from their Hallows and they probably won’t even notice you. OH! Those new friends... is one of them a fox? A red fox? I do love me some red heads... has to be a girl though,.. just so we’re clear. And no fuglies.

Keep me updated on how those goals go, both the meeting of new people and the learning about the world. What specifically are you researching? I hope it uses your animal talents somehow... gotta put those to use. I can’t stop thinking of your red-headed fox friend I just made up. Tell her your best friend has rockin’ abs and has discovered the key to supernal enlightenment. He wants her number and his wizardry is the very strongest.

Speaking of wizardry, check out this awesome rote I learned today. I’ll tell you the words... the gestures are below, in my best stick-figures. Good luck.

“Though I have the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries, and all knowledge; and though I have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, and have not charity, I am nothing.”

Seriously my favorite rote ever, probably better than I have learned before. It’s a prime rote, so sorry Austin for not being time or fate. Extremely useful. It’s supposed to help us learn charity. Charity is the love of the master, and the thing we need above all else. I’m not sure how well it worked... but without it, I would not have lasted this long. You guys have probably learned all sorts of awesome magic... I wish I had. All I’ve learned is dumb rituals and scripture. The scripture isn’t dumb, but it doesn’t help us much right now... And frankly it doesn’t seem to match the world around us. A world created by a loving God made for the glorification of man. That isn’t how this place looks. I guess this is my own version of Austin’s own psychological soul-searching...

I had a vision the other day, that was pretty cool. I haven’t ever had anything so intense before... and before you ask, it came from a spell, nothing supernatural or nothin’. A spell isn’t supernatural, HA! I was alone in the dark, and the cold. There was a mist of darkness, which clouded all my vision and made it impossible to see anything but my own body. I was holding something, clutching something heavy to my chest. I didn’t know what it was, until I saw Ramira. She was whole... but dead too, holding in her hand a little birthday candle, nearly burned down to the skin. She just barely reached me as it started to sputter out, catching the edge of what I was holding. A heavy wooden torch, with cotton on the end soaked in thick oil. It was wet with sea water, which choked and sputtered green flames as the water nearly drowned Rami’s little flame. That was when I saw all of you. Rick had a torch burning already, and so did you Megan. The light they had was faint, but it was enough. The flames were slow in kindling, but when they caught they really caught good, and the heat nearly burned my face. I lifted the torch high above my head, and in its light I saw the huddled, homeless masses. I had been studying lots of scripture, and scripture popped into mind. “Whoso has done it unto the least of these, my beloved brethren, he has done it unto me. I knew my torch was burning down, but I didn’t care. I stepped forward into the dark, and lit the humble candles of everyone I passed. A few carried torches, and those joined behind me, even as I followed in His footsteps, though I could not see him. “I am.” Said God to Moses. I think I saw a vision of the one I am seeking, the Oracle. She gave the last gift, the first gift, and the greatest. Purpose. She lit the first candle of the vigil, whose flame passed down to us. Just so long as we never lose track of our purpose, we can all keep that vigil still. Each to our own way of looking at it. We’re all one big happy family of Earthians.

That’s super important. Think about it... each of us has a calling. Darrel, the spirit world, and werewolves are yours to worry about. Don’t mess up. Rick... that hot redhead fox friend of yours... and the rest of nature. But you’ve got to save the fox for me. Man girls are so awesome. All the girls in here are way too old. Speaking of girls Lizzie, your duty’s one of the most important, and I wish I could help you right now. Helping those who cannot help themselves is way important. Back when I was still super religious, I used to think the Father’s Plan had a way prepared to save the dead. Well if there is a God, I bet he does have a plan to help the helpless, and that plan is you. Funny how someone so small (giggle) was chosen for something so important. I know you will not disappoint. Just remember that the Master loveth those that labor in His vineyard, and he will be beside you all the day long. You are doing sacred work to save souls.

The worth of souls is great in the sight of God. The life of a street vagrant worth more than the wealth of the richest king. You all have seen that there are things in the awful World of Darkness we live in that can extinguish men’s souls. Unto these must show no mercy. You don’t need me to tell you this Lizzie, but... save souls. I am sending you something of mine to help you with that. I have asked the Master of Fate here at the Monastery to enchant it so that it finds you. I know you will know it when you see it. It is the light that cannot be hid. It will burn for you and give light to all those dead in its presence so that the scales of death are lifted from their eyes. I wish I had gifts like this to give everyone... but this was given to me, and it is my duty to pass it to someone who can use it. Next time they give me artifacts, I will keep all of you in mind.

Back to what I was saying. Megan, I’m not sure if you are still helping us after the Arctic, but if you are then the far are your responsibility. Now there are two of us whose responsibilities are less clear. Austin and me. Humanity itself perhaps. If Austin awakens too, it’ll be great but also confusing. I guess I don’t know for sure. Maybe it’s our job to find out that, too.

Lizzie, you asked if I got freedom here. Not really, none. Not even in my thoughts. There has been cool stuff, though! Like experiencing shape-changing magic for the first time. Man that was wild. But not my main focus right now. Still, I think I may be forced to learn some as part of the oath, so we’ll see. I do get a little time to relax, like right now. I mostly spend it weaving tass: solidified mana... into different things. It’s fun I guess, but not nearly as fun as spending time with you. Remember that time one Halloween we went camping in my backyard and we stayed up all night telling stories? I miss telling stories. And roleplaying. I am sorry to hear things are restricted with you too Lizzie, and I wish you luck in your escape.

I was hardly reassured by your stories of what is happening, Austin. I am on Earth... the monastery is in a big American city as it happens, but I swore not to say more. There’s no tech in here... so lame. I’ll be able to use all the tech I want once I get out of here, but it won’t make a difference I don’t think. What I really need is understanding, not news. Unto he that asketh, the Master answereth. My question is this: How do we kill the unknown? Cthulu, Nyarlathotep, and the Mighty whose name should not be spoken. If not kill, then banish. There MUST be a way... if we need to invent one, then so be it. We will. But I am hoping there is some sort of baseline to work with out there. A foundation. But if we need to, we can always build one.

Well all, my time to talk is running short. As our group’s little de-facto leader I repeat the admonition: shine your torches proudly in the dark. Light others, because we need all the help we can get. I will be listening eagerly to hear of your lives. Please tell me how your investigations are going. Starting next month, I will be out in the world under vow. I am afraid, but not so much I am unwilling. Be safe everybody. Don’t die, and look out for each other any way we can. If you discover something new and dangerous, share it! Farewell to you all.

((So there’s my post! Hope it was okay. Oh, and nobody forget your exp totals on the posts you make. Mine was 4exp again. Please include it at the start of your post if you can. This RP idea seems to be working great, and I am eager for next month and my next chance to post. Also for the game Ricky, please get on that.))