Friday, August 31, 2012

Lizzie's Entry for August 2012

((Almost forgot. 3 exp probably, sure.))

Hey all! Sorry about not keeping in touch better. You think I'd have gotten more free time after dying, but it turns out it's not really the case. ;p Regardless, things have been steadily progressing out here on the ocean, hence my aforementioned lack of free time. Don't worry, though, I've been getting your messages fine and totally plan on reading them when I get the chance. Anyways, I got to get back to my work. I'll be sure to talk more next month. Take care, all!

-Lizzie T. O'Connor

Ug, I can't remember how to erase previous lines on this stupid magi-tech typewriter. Anyways, Ari (she's the non-Sin-Eater with us I mentioned before) guilted me into writing more. So... maybe I exaggerated about how little time I have. I have plenty of chances I could write, but it's hard to want to when I'm out in the ocean like this and there's so many things I can do to entertain myself. Er... I won't bore you with the details.

Annnnyways, I think part of the reason that I’ve been avoiding your letters is because I’ve been trying to not think about all the horrible stuff you guys are going through. I mean, just looking at these entries make me shiver. Being chased by the void? After everything you’ve already been through, that doesn’t seem like much of a reward. And everyone else, uh... visiting Austin. Like I said, all sorts of horrible things I’d rather not hear about. But... I promise to read everyone’s letters from now on, for better or worse.

I guess I haven’t really talked much about what we’ve found. There’s been movement from the underwater rift. At first, we thought that the currents were just messed up from the rift itself, but after some tests we figured out that the currents are actually coming /out/ of the crack. I’m not sure where it’s all coming from, though. I mean, the water has to be coming from somewhere, but... I dunno. It doesn’t make any sense. Also, what’s pushing that water out? We’re all a little afraid to speculate. That’s all we’ve managed to get. I know, it’s not much, but we don’t exactly have the means to get down that deep, so we’re doing what we can with the remote-controlled drones.

Oh yeah, Christian. I’d be happy to escort you to the Library. It’d be worth it to see an old friend. I can’t just up and leave, though, so I’ll need to get things settled with my team, first. Ug, so weird that I have my own team. I’m not a leader! What are those crazy founders thinking? Anyways, maybe in a month or two I’ll head out there. For now, I really am going to sign off. I think I’ve wrote enough to show Ari that I’m not being irresponsible. Cya!

-Lizzie T. O’Connor

PS: I assume that being under the effects of that vow all this time means your still single, right?

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Darrel's August 2012 Entry

Can anyone guess where I ended up in this time? I guess when you're going so deep the laws of physics and geometry are different, you sometimes end up in a place you do not expect… especially if you get chased by monstrosities. (I am pretty sure that that bastard was involved) In my case, I ended up in ones Austin's tunnels. Good thing too, anywhere else, my group might have been taken down then and there. Austin's goons helped us get out of that mess when we came running through their front door. Boy it's amazing what a lot of gun fire can accomplish against massed enemies.

Right now, I think I'd need some time to relax before heading out back that and Austin has asked me to stay over for a while. I guess I'm going to end up seeing you Rick. Course it isn't all sunshine and daisies here. I don't know what has gone on into Austin's mind, but… he's got… well… one of the fae as a part of his medical staff… I know we're desperate and all, but… I think there's some lines that have to be drawn. I swear I might end up shooting him as a warning if I catch him doing anything crazy.

I guess while I was at it, I've been gathering some info on that guy who I met in the Deeps.  Apparently his name is Vince Bishop and he was a former Union operative in charge of handling cursed artifacts. According to the reports, one of the artifacts starting handling him… and well, he ended up inflicting madness on his small cell and turning it into a cult. I imagine that he's right now on the Union's most wanted list. I just hope there's not more guys like him out there… so much power and so much madness.

In other news, that seedling I got hasn't changed and no information I gathered applies to it. So,  I don't know what to do with that quite yet. Mage Sight doesn't seem to pick up anything weird about it either… Other than what normal sight can do anyways… I'm not even sure what kind of plant it is, but I have a good idea it's probably a big one, like a tree or something. I'm serious, I can't even describe that the seed looks like, I keep my attention away from it from too long and it changes into a different kind of seed… this never happened in the Shadow… I think it might have to do with the fact it's not a truly physical entity, even though… it appears as one to the naked eye…

I don't exactly have anything specific to say to Austin that I can't otherwise say to him directly, so I'm omitting him from this session.

Ricky, your dislike of me is understandable. Even before our transformations, we didn't exactly see eye to eye. Now though, I think I got even more issues… so let's hope it doesn't degrade into a territorial dispute that might happen with our… less fortunate kinds in the wild. Also, I don't think any fleas that I might have had on me survived the trip through this weird place with burning cold (Yes, I said that, weird) on my way back. You seriously must have issues if you're so concerned about fleas over everything else.

Chris, I know that you are probably glad I didn't meet Gaia, but we can't rule out the possibility that She had sought me out and given me this seed. In which case, that might be worse than you originally thought… I do know how you feel though, most werewolves don't meet Luna unless they have done something truly deserving of Her attention. Most of all of our contact to and from Her are through lesser beings, the Lunes… It makes us sometimes wonder if She really is out there sometimes watching over us all the time. Which reminds me, it would also require a god-level power to fight the Outsiders. Which makes me wonder, why haven't they intervened more directly? I know the Outsiders are more powerful than most godlings, most godlike spirits in particular, but wouldn't they at least try to protect our world. Or if anything their domain. A lot of them depend on human worship for their power so… why aren't they helping us more directly…? Considering how directly the enemy is involved.

By the way, it's not so much I wait around for everything to heal, I still got to clean the wounds and remove shrapnel. And I got to concentrate and consume huge quantities of meat and Essense if I want them heal well or faster. The price of awesome regeneration is that I consume 5 meals a day. Which isn't too bad since I like to eat... but man, it's so time intensive to cook that much...

I just I also don’t understand Chris, why are you so set upon leaving this world behind? I don't think we have the resources or the power to deal with both the Outsiders and create a bridge like you want. Second, I'm not even sure that you plan might be the best course of action. We're dealing with beings who for all intents and purposes are probably outside of time, I'm not even sure your Time magic based defense theory is even possible against such entities…

World Event: Brethren War Part II

And before I forget, werewolves prove once again that when there are a lot of them, they can willingly regulate their own population by killing those who are too weak to rule. A while back the last time a monstrous entity came from who knows where and decided to wreck a city, werewolves decided to band together, regardless of tribal affiliation, and banished the beast. Then afterwards they killed each other, because they couldn't fight anything else. They called it the Brethren War… Now then, skip a few decades later, and this time, they decided to skip the whole kill the eldritch abomination and just kill themselves instead... It's a good thing this war is only limited to the Americas, both of them… but that's like… a third of the werewolf population having a civil war…  And this was all on the News… man… this sucks.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Ricky's Entry for August 2012

(( Mwhahaha, 4pts, perfect Rick strike again! Well... more like, last minute, botch his posts, write random things Rick, but heh, at least stuff happens, right? Riiiiiiight? Also, cool idea Kris, go for it, we will see if I get time to. ))

Hola, people!

First thing first, Kris! I've read your letter... three time, because the first time I feel asleep because it was soooo long, the second because I needed to do it all over, and the third to really understand it. I... blame distractions. But I'm done with that, promise! Just to prove it, and because certain people have insisted a little much, Amelia and I are taking... we're going to mean with Austin using certain method of transportation. I would tell you more, but that would just be tempting fate, so I won't. What I can tell you is that we're leaving this city for a while and we're going to help Austin with his underground new crash place... that and doing some sightseeing around town, to see how things are these days... probably not very pretty.

Point is, I'm not going to take this as a vacation. My bag is filled with books, trickles and anti-flea skin lotion. Lots of it. You're never too cautious when visiting stinky places and dark caves. Never again. You don't want to know about my one experience with fleas... it's... obviously nowhere as bad as seeing the Void, fighting for your life in Japan, travelling deep under or meeting dumb ghosts on a cruise, but it still sucks. So, where was I... yes, meeting with Austin. Every is settled and I will meet him in our old town. I'm going to try some of that Magic while I'm there, it never hurts to learn new skills. I may not be very useful when it comes to finding clues about what we need to do, but at least I will be there when it's time to kick asses and take names. This said, I am hoping to make a discovery down there. So close to the sea, so deep... we're bound to find something awesomely frightful. Thanks God I have Amelia to give me courage, otherwise I would probably still be in my room, doing nothing. Mmm... well, actually, I would probably be dead, all things considered.

But, enough about me, more about you guys and the bunch of good news you add to tell. So much I don't know where to start, so I will go in alphabetical order. I considered throw a coin for a moment, but not the best place for it right now. So, Austin... Austin, Austin, Austin... why am I talking about you, we're going to see each other tomorrow and we will have all the time in the world to talk about everything and nothing. But, I guess I should at least thanks you for helping us get home. Really appreciated buddy. I owe you a hug... as a lynx. And possibly some petting... but only if I have a vixen to my side. I wouldn't want her to feel jealous... I mean... to share...

...quick change of topic before she bites me, Chris. Oh boy, I did say that you write waaaay too much, right? Because you do. Not that I didn't like that, so many awesome news in that wall of rambling. Good to hear you're fine and done with that crazy vow. Now we're hearing the Chris we know, not the Chris saying things making no sense to may and imploring the Gods. So, you will meet Lizzy, huh? Lucky you... because... you... sensitive topic, I see... n ext! Wow, I'm not sure if I consider you lucky or insane for having seen what the void truly is... or is not... I'm... not really sure I understood it fully. It surely wasn't what I hypothesized it would be, and the way you described it, it makes me wonder how we can defeat it. I don't want to sound like the pessimist one, but if they come from an higher dimension... wouldn't killing them like... kill us too? It's like, we're inside a box, and we destroy what's outside the box, then we're in nothing and die. Or maybe I got it all wrong. Maybe I will read it a fourth time on the trip...

Next iiiiiis... Darrel. Darn. Why don't you take over for this part, Amy? Oh... right... werewolves. Hmm... I'm going to be honest with you, Darrel, I'm not all super happy about the fact that I could possibly meet you there. Not that I hate or anything... just... you know... foxes, cats and wolves, don't really mix well. I'm really grateful for your advices, but seeing you again it person could be... difficult to handle. So, just in case you're planning on visiting Austin soon... I dunno... try to look as normal as possible? Especially with the fleas. Humans don't have them, you better don't, or else, I don't know what I will do to you. Probably just get killed.

Finally... Lizzy... oh boy, awkwardness. Good to see you alive. Good luck. Have fun with Chris!

Oh, look at the time, we're going to miss the [censored].


PS: Since she's looking away now... god, vixen on their day of the month, not easy to deal with.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Austin's entry for the month of August

(After months of silence, and with the general election fast approaching it has finally been announced that the president is dead, supposedly recently due to exhaustion. Rumors have long and continue to spread, and the general state of paranoia and stagnation gripping the US, deepens.)

Well I look forward to being at your mercy. I'm sure I can speak for everyone. Absolutely. In the meantime we will content ourselves with the fight... the goodfight, folks. You mentioned the orders, and specifically the free council. I suspect you know everything already, but the Free Council isn't what it used to be, at least not out by us. Yesterday we went with a Sea Org squad back down to the orrery. The guys there were FC, I knew them, but they were sure they didn't want me or anyone else on their stelascopes. And now we've had to get creative when it comes to hiding dead bodies. Good news is the place is ours now. I may even consider moving my study back there. That equipment is either the key to vast knowledge and power, or the means to a very pleasant suicide. So win-win. Anyway, I hope you seriously consider coming to US when you make your rounds. Not the communists, or the social democrats, or the nanby-pamby humanists. June and I are trying to hold us to true, sound principles. What we can't afford to lose right now is institutionalism. I'll say it right now, anyone out there who isn't fighting for human civilization and western values better be prepared to kill every last one of us. Vae Victus.

Okay, okay, RICKY! Sorry for not getting to you first. You and all your foxy girlfriends are more than welcome down here. It'd be so excellent to see you again, and you could give us a hand poking around in the dark... if you want. I trust you more than wolves. Much more, but don't you tell them that. What I recommend is that you get a hotel. The smell of chemicals is really strong down here from all the cleaning up we did. The werewolves can't stand it, and the rest still get headaches now and then, so you don't wanna' sleep down here. Actually if you want we can reserve a room for you right now somewhere close by. You'll want to call Greg when you're here or you have/need any more information. His number is (###-###-####). He works up top and relays messages so we don't have to risk being tracked. Be careful, and be quiet, okay? Especially when you're here.

But.... don't let me scare you off, it really isn't THAT bad here. Not like Baghdad or whatever. And if you've got other ideas about what you'd liked to do here let me know. It's just... this isn't vacation land, I'm sure you remember that. Someday this entire valley is going to collapse into the ocean, like it's wanted so desperately the last ten thousand years... it's funny, the connection they have with water. You know Kris, if it's really us who are the aberrations, maybe it's time we thought of trying to negotiate again. There has to be some way we can communicate. What about our friends up north? You know the ones. Nothing to lose we aren't going to lose anyway. According to you we're a cancer cell haunting the prostate of the multiverse. Makes sense to me. For all we know his dreadlordship is a surgeon... or more accurately you'll agree, a surgeon's tool.

That's it then, I think. Godspeed. Tally Ho. Looking forward to hearing from you.

(4 points. Late, but included a world event)

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Christian's Entry for August 2012

We live in a world of dust and shadow; all passeth away. Take hold of eternity and uproot the source. Or... something like that. Damn this vow! Or should I say... I would, if I was still a part of it! I will go into detail, don’t worry kitties. I’m going to share everything that has happened. This whole month has been exciting for me. You might rightly call it an explosion, because that is how it felt. I’m not entirely sure if I should be alive. But I am. I’m alive, I’m me again (mostly), and damn the magic of that stupid vow forever. There hasn’t been any lasting damage. Credit that to life-magic or credit it to luck. I suppose both are true. But before I talk about myself, I would like to hit on everything each of you have said. Then I can go into needless detail about the last few weeks. So Darrel, you’ve made it out of the Deep Shadow. I’m very happy you stayed away from Gaia, considering everything I have heard about her. I couldn’t even hazard a guess at what that Seed is, but I suspect you’ll figure it out. You might not be a mage to pour over tomes and research, but I know you werewolves have your own equally-effective ways of figuring things out. Granted, most of the time I think you just try it and if it blows up, then you just sit there and wait for everything to regrow. Well we don’t all have that luxury! As the duly elected representative of the non-regeneration committee, explosions suck. And torture. But you’ve experienced more of both than I have, so I won’t go - well, maybe not more. But more of that kind.

(Shivers) No more of that. Darrell, keep it up. Maybe you can get together with Austin. He seems to have a pretty workable headquarters. Don’t trips across the shadow not take very long even when you travel long distances? Or is that the hedge? Sometimes I get my border-realms confused. Don’t make fun of me, I’m not a space-mage. Now you did hit on my idea of escape from this universe, which I think is so effective because it relies on time travel of a sort. We’re protected so that we don’t have to defend our pocket-reality except at one specific moment in time. In that way, we gain effectively infinite time to finalize what we’re going to do about saving the real world. Of course, that does require god-level power in order to make the bridge. From what I understand. I have no idea how much of what I’ve heard is real and how much is mere superstition. Everything about the archmasters and Oracles seems a mix of impossible folklore and genuine truth, and I haven’t exactly been pouring through legitimate books on this vow. Lizzie, it’s so good to hear from you again! Whatever you say, I was worried about you. Granted, I might’ve been in more danger considering where you were, but... I already knew to be worried about me. A rift in the ocean floor, huh? That’s pretty terrifying. That would explain the waves. I hope that doesn’t impact the ecology too much... the ocean is largely responsible for the air we all breathe. Don’t listen to what hippies tell you about trees, about 90% comes from ocean microorganisms. If those die, we’re all gonna be screwed big time. I don’t care if you can come back from the dead, regenerate, or anything like that. We’re all screwed without air. It would take decades, but... man, what a crappy way to go. Lizzie, I am ready to visit the Library. We need to meet, to talk. It will be good to see a friendly face after so long. I’m in Hong Kong right now, staying in the huge Silver Ladder property on 10 Capital; it’s this spectacular steel and glass building, you can’t miss it. Ask for the Archon. They should be expecting you. No you won’t be harmed. Bring as many guns as you want, they don’t care. It’ll be awesome. I’ll even pay for your room service while you’re here.

Austin, I have some things to get done now that I’m back... okay, maybe a lot of things, so it may be awhile before I visit. Politics and all. I have to unite the Orders. The Awakened Nation and all. Gather followers, you know. Just the sort of thing a freakin’ boss like me would do. Yeah, I completed the vow of the stranger in just a few months. Yes, you can have me autograph, so long as you’re okay with shadow names. Speaking of which, don’t give anyone my name. If anyone goes around trying to get it from any of you, they’re trying to hurt/kill me to stop the orders from being united. They’re probably idiots who want to stick with their nice comfortable status-quo, where they’re in charge and everything is this stupid information-cult. It’s time to put an end to that. With our resources combined, the world will quake! Granted... I don’t actually know /how/ to unite the orders. You think the “For Dummies” series ever wrote one about that? That would make things really convenient for me. But it’s a very long-term goal. The Master’s mean I have Silver Ladder, and I was already a member of the Free Council, so that one should be easy too. The Veil is what I’m most worried about, particularly since they have so much power and so many resources that we really really need. It will probably take more than a year, but it is my new quest. In the short term, I’ve earned the respect of my little corner of the world. No more being naked on the streets. No more begging for food. No more... other stuff. Never again. Never again!

Rick, was it really necessary to tell us so much about you and the fox? Yes, I’m jealous of your hot redhead. No, it has absolutely nothing to do with saving the world as we know it from the encroaches of the gnawing void and Cthulhu besides. Stay focused! I get that you’re an animal now, but that’s no excuse to act like nothing has changed. We’ve left out nests. We can’t go back. It’s a new time, a new day. We need your help! I get that you’re more Earthbound than we are, but Austin’s human, and he’s staying focused! Please... I’m not trying to relentlessly rebuke you or anything, but we are the last home for the world as we know it. Okay, maybe not the last hope. But you saw what happened in the bay. We’re important. Somehow.

I was in the middle of a warzone, Austin. But not anymore. I’m safe now, and whatever I was, I’m myself again. That false body be damned. Maybe I’ll show you some time, but... for now I’d rather like to forget. I like being me, thanks. After the last few months, I hope I’m me for a very, very long time. I was in a war zone, because I was in Japan. I was Japanese. I suppose I’m kinda glad I got to pick up the language, that part was nice. But the cost was much too high; I would not recommend the Vow of the Stranger to anyone contemplating it. Still, it served its purposes. I’ll get to that. I learned what I needed to know. And I will share it with you all... right now, I guess.

So now that the vow is over, nothing of the conditions apply. I can tell you anything and everything about what I have been through. I may another time, but for the moment know that I’ve been in Japan during these last few months. Through all the disasters, the wars, the martial law. I’ve experienced it all as only somebody royally screwed by circumstance can. But I was brought here for a reason, remember? I mentioned that last month, as I finally started to discover it. The Presbatorium’s only surviving Labyrinth is here in Japan, well over 20,000 years old. One thing led to another and I was stowed away on one of the boats used by the self-defense army. Thanks to being two-thirds of the way through my vow, I was human enough that I did not encounter much trouble. It sucked, but got me to where I needed to go. Once we got there, I slipped off while the crew was running the ship through a drill. At first you wouldn’t think anything about this Labyrinth place. An ancient monastery to the Kami built atop this mountain. One of the worst parts about getting there was climbing that high dressed like I was - it was so cold I thought I’d lose my toes or something. But I didn’t, thanks to a little life-magic. The military had isolated the whole thing for miles, but by some miracle I managed to get my way in. I won’t go into detail, but let’s just say being who I was helped. I knew what I needed to know to find my way down into the Labyrinth proper. You wouldn’t believe the staircase... more of a ramp really, a hundred feet wide and twisting down, down, down through the stone. How could anyone carve anything like this without power tools? What could they possibly be building it /for/? I did not much want to know. But I did find out.

The further down I went, the less people seemed to care that I was there, suspecting more and more that I was supposed to be there. I don’t mean to toot my own horn or anything, but by then, my magic pretty much was the very strongest. At least compared to the chump-mages they hired. Nobody got in my way, and obstacles that had stymied the self-defense army were simple for me after all I had learned over the last several months. The Vow of the Stranger truly is a vow about fate, and fate led me to everything I needed to be able to get through the Labyrinth. Do any of you remember what I was looking for? I’ll remind you. The true origin of the void. The true origin of Cthulhu and all of that. That has been my search for this long time, because I’ve been convinced that only through knowing what we are really up against do we have even a remote hope of survival. The deeper down I got into this maze, the fewer people I met, until I was totally and utterly alone, with only Forces to light my way. The tunnel just got /bigger/ the deeper down I got. I swear by all things holy that I could not be in the physical world anymore. The stone on the walls seemed... transparent. Like the light from something beyond was shining through. Except the only thing that shone through was awful. The shadows and shapes were horiffic. Probably what you saw in those rips, Darrel. Probably what’s down in that tear, Lizzie. I just kept my eyes down, knowing that I was going the right way. I had to be. The vow was supposedly created by one of the Oracles. I was walking the Master’s footsteps - he wouldn’t lead me anywhere that I would not survive!

Well, maybe that was faith. Or maybe it was stupidity. Because eventually I started nearing the bottom. It must have been at least a week - there’s this life rote called Bread Alone. If I hadn’t used it, I would have starved. Anyone with life magic, I advise you to learn that one. It’s a lifesaver. Very literally.

By the time I reached the bottom, the ramp (which had twisted and split many times) was more than a mile across and sloping down very very gradually. The stone was so worn it was more like walking in sand, and this awful darkness shone through the stone all around me. At the bottom was an ocean, an ocean of black fluid that was thicker than tar but with the consistency of molten rock, bubbling and rising with a smell I cannot describe even now. It seemed to respond to my presence, like the very substance of the water was alive. Of course, I knew it wasn’t water. I still do not know what it was. I will tell you what I think. The Labyrinth twisted out of our reality and into the void itself but was somehow made of the stuff of our world, as to keep me alive. I know I could not have survived if I had been thrust into the void. I think all of us know how unfortunately true that is.

I didn’t know what to do when I got there; all I knew is that I did not want to stay. So I thought about if for a little while, then I did the only thing I could think of: I cast a spell. That sure got the void’s attention, if that’s really what it was. The whole ocean lit up and began to rise, very slowly. I just kept backing up as the surface, as far as I could see in the light of my other spell, began to twist and contort. I had its attention, I knew. This thing, this place, whatever it was, was not about to lie to me. So I squeaked out as brave as I could my question. “What are you? Where are you to us?” I don’t know if I was surprised when the impossible ocean answered. I’m going to go with no. I knew I was beyond the realm of the physical then. Maybe it was a dream, or a vision, or... I couldn’t say for sure. It felt real, and that’s what is important when you get right down to it.

Would you like me to tell you what I saw? I hesitate to discuss it. Really, I wish I hadn’t asked. The truth is a terrible thing to learn when it’s so sour. But I had to know. It would do us no good to hide from it. No, I still do not understand how two possibilities can exist simultaneously, but maybe you guys will be able to figure something after I explain what I saw. What the void showed me was a map of the universe. Or... the multiverse, it would be more accurate to say. It was not the void, in truth. That concept is not real. The “void” as mages call it. The impossible spirits called Itgam. Cthulhu and the rest, all of that stuff! Would you like to know what it is? WOULD YOU? Here is my mystery, solved at last. What I saw reflected in that pool I knew was true. I knew in a way I cannot explain. It was nothing less than a map, and in that map, I saw that our whole universe, the immensity of space and all the other dimensions that we call home are a mere bubble in the immensity of existence. The multiverse goes on seemingly forever, and we are far in the minority. There are universes that have what I would call “comparable” laws to our own, but they are far in the minority. Cthulhu and the others are denizens of the true multiverse, higher dimensional beings who to us would be gods. That is why they aren’t killed by coming here. They aren’t forced to live by our laws because in many respects they never left their home plane. This is why Cthulhu could not simply be killed.

That is the truth. I felt it, I saw it. I have in my head now a map of the multiverse more complete than I could ever ask for. I do not want to know these things, but you must trust me I do know! The universe itself cannot lie, and I can backup this awful discovery with verifiable facts.

So if we are to defeat this enemy, we must know the truth. The truth that our universe, all of it, is merely one bubble in a sea of generally unfavorable, higher-dimensional spaces. These enemies... I can’t fathom their motivations, but in their home their power is near infinite. We are still alive because of the limitations of being here. They could crush our whole universe I suspect, but for some reason they do not. As such, they can only exist in as many dimensions as exist here when they visit. This limits their power. They can be beaten. But even if they are, will they just crush us like a stupid tin can? I don’t know. More than anything else, this discovery makes me inclined to select the “run like a fuckin’ coward” option. Even if we did, though, we would still be within our universe. To leave it would be suicide, so they could still crush us in an instant even if they didn’t know where to go to find us personally.

After learning this... horrible truth... the ocean began to get hungry. I don’t think that it was consciously attacking me, as that would imply the existence of a consciousness I am far from convinced was there. It’s more like the draw of metal to a magnet, or a moth to a flame. The automatic correction and balance of pressure. I was a high point that needed to be equalized, and the way to do that was to draw me in. So I had to run... I ran at least as fast as you could, Darrel, thanks to life magic. So fast I ripped my clothes apart. But I could not win. No matter how fast I went, no matter how much mana I poured into the spell, the stupid dark kept following me! It was like... I was drawing it along. It fed on the energy I used, so that no matter what I did, it would always be at least as strong! That’s what I think, anyway. At the time, I just thought I was going to die. Into the dark would mean certain death. I ran, and I ran, and it was still gaining, and I was losing strength fast. So I did the only thing I knew how to do: I said a prayer. Or I shouted it, really.

I still don’t know if God was listening, but somebody was. Right as the awful liquid was about to swallow me, I saw a light. The most beautiful, glorious light you can imagine. I can’t begin to describe what happened next, so I won’t attempt to try. I don't expect any of you to believe me, but... the Imperial Masters are real! I met one! Her name Enoch. Or his name... I couldn’t tell. But she, he, it... saved my life! She told me that I had an important work to do. That the future was not nearly so dark as it appeared. She confirmed that what I had seen was the truth, but that it was not helpless. She was proof of that. She seemed to think I would not be able to get power like her’s in time, but that we would not need it, working together.

I wish I could better explain what she told me! I feel so helpless to try! Most of it wasn’t in English. High-Atlantean does not well translate to English. A literal transposition would be totally meaningless, but I will try, at least for a little part of it:

The sing first-words must again. Rise from before, and end to the suffering. Without the old and rise before. Presbatorium is humanity’s greatest ally. The Abyss lucid-dream become. Ourselves.

Does that make sense? I know it doesn’t, but it did at the time! Even if I can’t... really remember. Look, it does mean something! I know it does.

Let me know if this information changes anything. WHat might it imply? I haven’t had much time to think about it. Please working minds, see what you come up with. I should be much more accessible over the next few months. Vacation is over. It’s time to work.


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