Saturday, July 27, 2013

Rick's Entry for July 2013

(( 4pts. Loss my first point for being late, but lookit, World Event to make it up! ))


I have a good news and a bad news. The good news is that I'm still alive! The bad news is that most of the crew is dead. We lost great people, I never get used to it. It wasn't even our fault this time. What happens when you mix a shaky Europeean Union with supernatural creatures? If your answer is civil war, you win a cookie! I thought we were better than that, as a species, but I suppose it was half to be expected. The entire world is falling apart and reverting to what I would call a savage trench war. Of course, I shouldn't be talking, I'm the one who lost his humanity to the 'dark side' of the wild and trying to create an army of ferals with the help of Gaia, but at least I'm doing it for a good reason! I want to unite people, not break them apart!

Unfortunately, people here didn't think the same and we were attacked by a group of rebels of some sort. I don't know what exactly, I don't speak German. I do speak the way of battle, and since they weren't letting us pass peacefully, we forced our way through. It wasn't pretty, I can tell you that. I will spare you the details, as bloodily interesting as they are. Amelia and I made it without too much pain, I suppose that's what is important.

We're getting closer to our destination, so there's that. It's really hard to find the time to write to you guys, and I can see I'm not the only one. It's worrying, to be honest. Not a month has gone without Christian and his insane mage rambling. That's not a good sign. I really, really hope you're alright out there. At least I know Austin and Darrel are fine, kind of, so that's one less thing to worry about. Or two, depends how you see it. That's all the time I had, gotta go. We're not safe here.


(( World Event: The Europeean Union has declared martial law all over the continent in an attempt to bring some stability to a falling social structure. It didn't really work. ))

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Darrel's July 2013 Entry

(I hardly can reply to all of you if only one of you reply. So I get all of the exp requirements +4, I guess?)

Here we stand at the Climax of my long journey with only Darkness and Silence being our only comforts. It is... enlightening to say the least to see our small the universe thinks upon our world, despite how much we hold value into it. This is probably what Neil Armstrong saw when he saw our world for the first time.  Yes, I am on the Moon. I stand on Luna's face. It is only 5 hours after our landing and we've set up a small base camp to serve us now.

Only a few members of my pack are with me now, the others looking at to ending hostilities on our homeworld. Most of the people with us are trained astronaughts and soldiers. All of them are affiliated with the Null Mysteries Hunter Compact. I called in a favor, from the Union and things went off that way.

We've...altered the space suits we were given, pouring in blood sacrifices and ancient knowledge so that they would allow us to change form and continue to function. And for the most part... it works... but only for the more humanoid forms. It is thankful we have tested them before leaving.

As a child I have dreamt of coming here, yet I never knew how prophetic those wishes were, nor did I fully know the circumstances I would arrive. And here I am, attempting what no werewolf ever dared to dream off: to venture to the Moon and confront Luna herself. And it is dangerous, the stories are true... There are... things... trapped here. Old and unknowable, but weakened. These are the Idigarm. The spiritual equivalent of a Shoggoth.

Yes, I know this is insane. yes, I know this is probably the most sucidal thing I have done, but I need to do this. If I am to unite the Uratha I need to accomplish a feat worth it. The stalemate that has lasted untold Millenia will come to an end after this.

I wish I could help you Austin deal with the issue of Jerusalem, but there are people I know who could aid you... you've met a couple.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Austin's Entry for July 2013

My apologies for running late. A fetid malaise has taken hold of Jerusalem and none of us have been able to get much sleep anymore. It's quiet now, and so perfectly still, like the eye of a hurricane. Everyone goes about his business in silence. But before I bring you up to speed on current events, allow me to regale you the goings on of last month.

This exposition is brought to you by Sprite ("What's in your Sprite?"),

and by our proud sponsor, Skittles. Actually, I-I shouldn't say proud, they aren't happy to have their name associated with this adventure... th-they're ashamed of it.

Anyway, and by Nike ("**** you, Skittles! Suck our ****!"),

and by Slimjim ("Dip my horse into the sun, brotha'!").

Okay here I go. I went to McDonalds, I said I wanted a cheeseburger, but I said I didn't want any cheese on it, though, and the lady asks me "Why you order a cheeseburger if you don't want any cheese on it?" Then I say "Betchhhhhh! Don't you talk to me wit' 'dat tone!" Then they made the cheeseburger and I got it, and when I got it, there were onions on it.

So then I went home and that's when I found out my whore wife decided to get a dog, so that's when I find out all the furniture is ripped up and pissed on and shat on. So I look at the little dog, I say "Bitchhhhhhh!" 'cause the dogs a little girl, and that's when I suddenly hear this distinct sound coming from my master bedroom. I peak inside wondering what the heck my wife is doing in there, and what do I see she's foakin' da' mailman! I say "Betchhhhh! You cheatin' on me wit' mah own wife!"

Mailman says "Hey! I'm sorry! I'm gonna' make it up to ya'. I got some soup in the refridgerator. French Onion."

"Betch, why'd it have to be onions!"

So then I'm walkin' my whore dog, 'cause you know I gotta' vent and stuff, and I start playing catch with the dog, and I distinctly throw him a white ball, and I throw it in a grassy field, and when the dog comes back she's got a white ONION in its mouth! I say "Betchhhhhhhh!"

Then later I'm at home playin' that latest Hitman videogame, Hitman:Absolution, and Jack is all "Yeehaw! Yee! Haw! I don't normaly yeehaw, but THIS is a foakin' yeehaw! Foakin' Christmass!"

And that's when I'm all "Did I write the dialogue to this game?" when all of a sudden the internet just cuts out, out of nowhere! Then the mailman comes out and says "Look, I have some letters I needed to give you. Apparently you havn't been payin' your bills."

I say "Betch, I hate bills!"

"And they're shutting off your internet today."

"I don't give a foak about internet."

"And you're getting evicted from your house this week."

"I don't give a foak about houses."

And then he says "But look at this, it's the addresse of a federal building, you can go and get some financial support!" And of COURSE I'm gonna' get some financial support! I figure I spend the money on Burger King or something 'cause they don't foak around like some little betches. So then I get there but then this lady, all she does is hand me a peice a paper with a buncha' numbers written on it!

I say "Betch, what is the meaning of this!" She says it's the coordinates to go pick up your money. I say "Betch, these coordinates would place me in the middle of the ocean!" So I rent a boat four-hundred dollars, I drive out to the specified locations, now you gotta' understand it's dark down there at night. I find a sunken treasure-chest, bust it open, there's a potato inside. I love potatoes. So I get back home, lights are on, I'm about to have some mashed potatoes IS A FOAKIN' ONION!

And THAT is how I spent my summer vacation.

Anyway, turns out I don't even have to travel anywhere if I want to visit Leng. I'm already there! I'm convinced now that I discovered in Damascus is Irem itself, the dessert fortress, of which Naxannar is but a vestibule. It's like the Tardis with whole sprawling ancient city tucked inside of it! I can walk to Faros if I want to, from here. And also Yuggoth, and Yadhit and many other strange gray worlds already ravaged by the enemy. Though the journey is still very far, yet the way is marked. All the while we are sustained by the most luscious fruit and clear water. I have left whom I hope to be a competant watch over the city proper and Jerusalem. I can't let this take too long; the desert swarms and swarms with the dragging dead and predatory hellions. What are you guys doing? I don't care, just leave me alone.

(World Event: Nyarlothotep the Prophet arrives to perform and speak in Jerusalem, performing many feats and wonders to the astonishment and paralysis of all) 

(3 points)