Thursday, March 22, 2012

Darrel's March 2012 entry

(1exp on time + 1exp subplot +1exp referencing "Rick", "Austin", "Christian", and "Lizzie" +1exp goal = 4exp. Total to Date: 12)

Well… I'm definitely going to be aching for a few days. This last week has been quite soul testing. As soon as I got Silver-Tongue back, my pack has unanimously decided to go search for that damn T-rex that's been bothering our territories. Once you figured out what general route he plans on taking each day, he was surprisingly easy to find. We ambushed it in the Shadow, just as it was about to eat its meal, allowing us to take it down without too much of a fight, Strikes is thinking of getting points for Cunning since he made the plan. Thing is, we weren't the only ones planning on catching up to it.

You want to know what I think is worse than the damn cultists we fought before? Werewolf cultists. They called themselves the Ascended Brotherhood of Wolves Subservient to the Rightful Lords. I am NOT making this name up, insane werewolves apparently make overly long names. We call these heretics Bale Hounds. What is up with these freaks? I know what convinced the Pure to turn against Luna, but what convinces one of the People to serve such evil. Damn Traitors ambushed us before we could kill the overgrown lizard and captured me. In fact, they were planning on catching only me. They drove the rest of my pack away, 'cause I was the only one that mattered. They were waiting for me on making a move, when they learned I was stalking the dinosaur (I think I might have been too vocal asking for help around other packs), they decided to bait a trap using our prey . I dunno what's scarier, who they claim to serve or their thought process. Either way, I know now that insane does not mean stupid.

And that stuff ain't the worse part. It's what they were planning on doing to me. They didn't want me dead, no that would be merciful compared what they did to me. They wanted to corrupt me, make me join their side using torture, both physically and emotionally. You wanna know how it goes? I'm not telling you everything, just know that man, I got close to losing it. First thing they did was neuter me using a hot iron knife (thankfully, this specific part has made a full recovery at time of writing) and it just goes downhill from there. Next, I got impaled with tiny silver spikes all over. Silver is the one things that us werewolves could not regenerate easily, so I still got the marks from those. Then they harmed Bound-Yet-Free using some blasphemous rite that caused both of us physical discomfort. In a way, I am thankful they did not have the necronomicon and that their torture methods only extended to physical and emotional abuse. I may have suffered by their hands, but I still refused what their offer.

Course, that still paled in comparison to what they did to the T-rex. I had recently learned its name to be Stand-Alone-Unbroken as I overheard the abuses the Bale Hounds did to it. They forced the spirit to feast on all kinds of bizarre and strange forms of essence. Everything from lightning spirits to the spirits of cars, they defiled the old spirit with glee. In Stand-Alone's place was a true monster, like someone decided to make a cyborg rex and then put cancer and infest it with a colony of wasps. They worshipped their new creation.

It was at that point, my pack had come to liberate me. I praised our Lord for Deliverance as I was set free. It involved lots of explosives and silver bullets. I think like two or three of the cultists got killed as they retreated into the Shadow with their newfound diety. I survived, but… I think I'm going to need some time to recover before I chase them down again. In all, I had endured 5 days behind enemy lines. Jack says I might get marked with Purity for my determination, but this whole ordeal has made me think.

I have Luna's Full Moon as my Auspice Blessing, which means that I was chosen above all other roles for Purity. The Full Moon also fills me with greater Rage than other werewolves. Our enemies are the impure and mad, those who have been corrupted and betray their own kind and serve wretched false gods. I believe, I was chosen to destroy them, tear them apart using the Rage that is in me. I have decided I should pursue Purity more, so that I might stand against our enemies.


I've given myself a few days to recover after writing that first part up above. So I can focus on what you guys are doing, now that that stuff is not as fresh in my mind, surely you can understand why.

Now Christian, turning yourself into a fox once might be a different thing entirely compared to the shapeshifting Rick and I can do. I might not be an expert of magic, but in our case, we essentially are the animal we change into, both spiritually and in a way genetically, if it can be called that. It is intrinsic to our nature, but it is not to yours. I'm not so sure you got fox-blood, so I'm pretty sure your experience would be fundamentally different from the ones we experience every day. Also, hope you get something nice from your Masters, I'd ask for a sword myself or a book of spells if I was in your position.

Lizzy, Japan seems pretty much screwed now don't it? Lots of death is not good for the Spiritual world, I'm expecting an imbalance in death spirits causing more and more deaths if this goes on for too long. Also, I heard about the Cherion Group. Nasty stuff from what I hear. Maddie Mauler tells me that she ran into one of their workers during her First Change. Apparently, the guy tried to grab her before her first change for something. The guy spat acid as projectile weapon and ate metal. Maddie got away obviously, but man, that guy was a monster. I'm not really sure if he represents every Chiron employee, but you might want to treat carefully.

Hopefully, Rick, Silver-Tongue did a good enough job to win us some permanent allies. Diplomacy is something I am not very good at, I realize that that's what going to win us this war.

And lastly Austin, do you think we can really use that time and space stuff in anyway? Maybe send ourselves messages from the future or maybe make a reliable method of teleportation? Those would come in handy, but please, do not delve too deeply on such things. While victory is our goal, it'll be meaningless if it costs us our very souls. I only hope you do not focus your attention too much on those cursed objects.

Either way that's all I got. I hope the other Packs will be more receptive to us now that Bale Hounds are involved. Heck, maybe we can start a Silver Crusade while we're at it.

Hope to see you again,

Monday, March 19, 2012

Lizzie's Entry for March 2012

((So, 3 points, I think. 1 point off for being late.))

Hey, guys! Er... Sorry for not writing in... what? Two months? Damn, has it really been that long? No wonder I feel so miserable. Japan has not been kind to me. The tsunami, Cheiron... Sometimes I wonder if this world was even fucking worth dying for. Wherever it is I send those ghosts when they pass on, I can't believe it gives a shit about us down here on Earth.

Sorry, sorry. I don't get much sleep anymore and Undine's only gotten louder after what they did to us. After... I never saw her cry before... It doesn't make sense... Geists gave up true emotions. It's all instinct and... or was it Lizzie that was crying? She tried to stay strong, but... Damn, I need to focus. That was weeks ago, it's over. Dammit, I should... start from the beginning.

Alright, so, you all know I was planning a trip a Japan to investigate that tidal wave and get away from my Dim Sun bodyguards. Turns out they were being protective of me for a reason. Shit, does that mean they're doing this sort of crap outside of Japan too? The fucking... Sorry, we're getting ahead of ourselves again. I mean... myself... Anyways, it wasn't too difficult to get out of the country. I just used the same trick we used to get to Antartica. The hard part was just getting into the Underworld. After that, just walking the path was easy.

As I got closer to the exit, I noticed that the shades on the outside were getting more agitated, and more numerous. At that point, I was starting to regret going it alone. Maybe I never should've gone at all... Too bad I never got the chance to learn that time magic, so I'm stuck with the decisions I made. Like leaving Rick alone.

Speaking of which, you can't just leave Amelia, Rick! Do you really want to be that sort of person? It's bad enough you got together with her without telling me, but now you're thinking about leaving her, too? No, you make it work, or by the Pale Horseman, we'll make you regret it. Er... I mean... Forget it, I'm not thinking straight right now.

So, Japan was in pretty bad shape when I got there. The damage was worse than they were reporting on the news. Things were even worse than what happened back home. I've never seen so many ghosts at once. The chaos did make it easy enough to hide from my Krewe, but... It was horrible. I helped as many as I could, I tried, I really did! I even met up with a local Krewe that wasn't associated with the Dim Suns. Language was a bit of a problem, but they knew enough English to help me.

But... the amount of death and destruction wasn't even the worst of it. See, apparently the people who had been killed were becoming Sin-Eaters at an abnormally high ratio. It's like the geists knew this was going to happen. I couldn't get a straight answer from Undine about it. Maybe we didn't actually know... Either way, when the Krewe realized, we started searching these people out, do some recruiting and help them cope with the burdens of becoming a Sin-Eater in a disaster like this.

We weren't the only ones, though. I'm not sure how they even knew. I mean, I know the supernatural isn't a well-kept secret anymore, but... How could they /tell/? They went around collecting Sin-Eaters, and only Sin-Eaters. Not even people they suspected of being one; they knew with every person. Of course, they were friendly enough if you didn't resist. They thought I was just another victim of the tsunami, offered me a hot drink and told me they could make the voices in my head go away. Ha! Like it would be that easy to remove me from my body. Of course, I refused, but that's when they got... insistant... Turns out a pistol isn't much help against automatic weapons.

I didn't know where they were taking me at the time. I don't even remember the trip. All I do remember is waking up in what looked like a hospital room. They had patched me up, at least what was left to patch up. Then some doctor came out and explained how I'd been "possessed" and they were working on a cure. Yeah. Fucking. Right. Their idea of curing me was to steal my blood for the plasm and forcing me to use my caul manifestation for long periods of  time. It got worse, but... I... We don't talk about it. Have you ever heard a geist scream? No? Lucky you. When they weren't using me as a lab rat, I was put into a warehouse with the rest of the Sin-Eaters they had collected. We got tiny cots and basic meals... Some people actually believed the bastards were helping us! It was... It was horrible... I...

So, clearly, I escaped. The Dim Suns found out and raided the facility. Turns out it was some sort of international company called the Cheiron Group. Have any of you heard of it before? They try to prophet off the supernatural. Who knows what they were trying to accomplish with Sin-Eaters. We found some evidence that they were working with someone else, but we're not entirely sure who. My leash with the Dim Suns has gotten a lot shorter, but I managed to convince them to take me when they raid the next facility. I'll let you guys know what I find.

Speaking of finding stuff, I got that momento you sent, Christian. Somehow Cheiron had managed to get their hands on it and were keeping it at the same facility I was at. Guess that fate magic works. Wish I didn't have to get kidnapped and tortured to get it, though. It should come in handy, at least, once I'm allowed out again to help ghosts. Until then, well, at least they're pretty good looking sunglasses.

Anyways, sorry again for not writing, but... as you can see, I didn't exactly get many chances to. I know things haven't exactly been easy for anyone else, either, though, so I'll do my best to keep in touch more often. Until then... stay safe, I guess. The world isn't in very good shape. Damn, and we're the ones people are expecting to fix it, too. Fucking great.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Rick's Entry for March 2012

(( 1 pt for on time. Yes, I know it was supposed to be yesterday, but since I was sick for a week, and since Kirb was supposed to post, and since Ka was supposed to post, then all things considered, I'm comparatively on time. Sue me. My precciiiiioous pt. 2pt for furthering both the plot and the subplot. And one more point for talking about the others. ))

Hola everyone. I'm taking this time of extreme danger to write to you. After all, what a better time than stuck on a boat possessed by spirits in the middle of the Great Lake when you're a cat creature to send a message to your friends using the magical internet thing? Apparently there's none, or else I would have chosen another one. I'm sure you're all wondering what the heck I got my feline behind in such trouble again, but because I've got no common sense, I will talk about other things first. Amelia's well. She's a little shaken right now and a bit confused about what I'm doing. Sorry about that by the way, I couldn't exactly hide it from her in here.

Where was I... oh right, how I got here. We. We got. Never said I. We got into this in a silly way. Remember how I was talking about reading, last time? Well, we learned a lot about the legends surrounding the Lake. Those spirits I saw on my camera are part of that lore. They attach themselves to the boat passengers and feed on part of their soul, for a purpose we didn't quiiiite understand yet. If our current predicament is any indication, they don't like to be bothered. Nope nope nope, they don't. Since we're likely gonna die, again, let me take a few moments to tell you that I like you all. To different levels of like. The buddy kind of likes. Buddies I may never see again. By the way, thanks for the help, Darril. Sending Jake over here for a quick diplomacy trip really helped things. Instead of being dead, we're not only simply on bad term with the werewolves. I mean, if we weren't about to die on a ship, I bet it would be great. Another thing I want to say is... good luck Lizzie. You've been very silent since I first talked about Amelia, so you're probably upset. At least, you should be happy to know what if I die here, she dies too. Yup. Yes, I'm


Hello? Hello? Does this thing work? I guess it does. Sorry for the lack of structure, got distracted. Good news, we're alive. Bad news, we've lost our targets. I guess it's time to tell you guys why I did all this. So, Amelia and I found out about those ghosts beings and because she's in... adventurous, we actually did go on a boat trip to investigate. I was joking when I said we should go, but apparently she doesn't take joke well. So while we were on that boat, those... things... tried to get at us. They didn't appreciate my anti-ghost stuff. Thanks Liz. Except you didn't tell me that it didn't only stop spirits, it angered them. They deigned show themselves to us and... I think I liked the werewolves more. Nope, the underworld and its creations definitely aren't for me, even if they're tasty fishes. Especially when they fricking try to kill you! They cornered us in the chamber. Things seemed to have calmed down, so I started writing what I thought would be my last message, ya know, so you would continue the fight. They didn't let me finish. The door, blew open, with all that... muddy water? I dunno, it didn't feel real. Actually, it wasn't real, Amelia told me. They tried to scare us into thinking we would drown. I totally didn't believe me and I totally wasn't saved by Amelia... again. Totally not. Nope. Although that totally didn't happen, and it shouldn't impact my choices given it's inexistent, I think I will go back to a low profile for the next few weeks. I've had enough fighting, visits to hospital and boat drama and hallucinations. Enough. I think they want to kill us. Kill us for looking for them. Kill us for being too nosey. Cthuluchu and his unspeakable name will get a break from me. And the werewolves. And the foxes! While Amelia isn't looking, I want to write that I may reconsider choosing her. Redhead may be as much my thing as yours, but adventures and mysteries aren't for me. I'm a cowardly kitty. There, I said it. Back to my kitty nap. And I would suggest you guys do the same too. We need to be alive to defeat them.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Christian's Entry for March 2012

((Exp: 1 for on time, 1 for subplot, 1 progress on main story, 1 relates to other people = 4))

Hello friends! It’s been a long time... crazy to think a whole month has gone by. I understand there has been a little difficulty with my message getting out. So much for magic being perfect. But it got out eventually, and that’s what counts. Sorry if something similar happens this time. Whoever’s listening anyway. I... it’s good to know the big three are still alive, come fire, sleet, or Elder Gods. It’s good to hear you two are still marchin’ on. Distance is an illusion says Austin. I don’t understand space magic, but I trust you. Your insight is very valuable. Perhaps I can help. If the universe is holographic, then separation is an illusion too, /but/ matter can occupy the same space as other matter. But there is no distinctiveness, and... I try to think of the universe as /not/ being holographic, because that prospect is terrifying. To illustrate this concept, allow me to explain your other computer question, Rick will doubtless agree with me. From within a computer, from within a “simulation” ones and zeros have no size, because from within the simulation they don’t exist. From the perspective of a user on the outside, however, ones and zeros have a size defined by the system they’re composed on. A WWII era “supercomputer” had ones and zeros stored on vacuum tubes the size of my arm. On modern systems, a one or a zero is microscopic, but it does have a finite size depending on the size of the computer running the program.

But I digress. There’s one more detail you need to know... or that you talked about, I guess. The Necronomicon. Please don’t tell anyone in my Order I’m talking to you about that, as I have no doubt I would be deeply reproved. Painfully, no less. But here’s what I know. There /is/ an English version, written by one “Dr. Dee” in response to the religious reformation. There were only 1000 printed, and this edition was published in 1643. As a result, almost all the copies that exist have simply withered away. Still, I’ve got access to an awesome library here. I found a reference here that indicates a copy of this English version is in storage in Harvard’s library. Good luck getting access, but there you go. Now comes the part you don’t want to hear. Do Not Read That Book. Knowledge is power, but it’s more than that. To know these things is to change yourself to make them true. Think of yourself as a subatomic particle. Like Schrodinger’s box. There are two conflicting pictures of the universe, mine and the one in that book. If you /know/ your version of the universe, then the one where we aren’t fleas on the face of some strange god is not real for you. Only what you know exists. If that isn’t a good reason not to read, I don’t know what is.

In much happier news, I’m glad you and Amelia are doing well. I did ask you to /save/ her for me, since redheads are more my thing... but short girls are yours, so I suppose there’s a bit of a split. As to foxes... I really think those are more my territory. Wait! I know you’re the one who’s part animal. I know your animal is from the same habitat as hers, buuhhut... wild cats compete with foxes. Unlike me, who never competed with or hurt a fox for anything. Plus, as already demonstrated, redheads are way my thing. FURTHER: I’ve only been an animal once, and I was a fox. I’ve been a fox, and you haven’t! ^^ I... know what it’s like. Or... it might’ve only been for a few hours... but I still remember! I’m gonna talk to Master Harps about experiencing it again, one last time... I guess I could talk about that a little, since Rick hasn’t talked about it. And even if he did... I’m sure you guys want a /human/ perspective. Rick’s got some way awesome powers... but as Rick would tell us, he’s not human like... well... like Austin and me are. The rest of you are... other things too.

So here’s what happened... a few weeks ago, all the different orders sent their Masters. There were ten in all... and they talked to all of us preparing to take the vow. Each of us would get to claim one gift from /one/ of the Masters. But before we did, each of them stood up to demonstrate what the magic they mastered could do. It was all /amazing/. Like... I wish I had the time to talk about it all. It was all amazing, but when Master Harps stood up and said he would change one of us into an animal, everyone was terrified. Everyone but me. I volunteered, which earned me some major points with the rest of the order.

The spell... I didn’t really see it, which was okay. Next moment... it was bizarre. Ever used laughing gas before? It felt a little like that. Like... only what’s in front of me is important. Ever felt like that Rick? Instinct... it’s like... I knew what to do without thinking about it. It was relaxing, in a way. For once I wasn’t afraid, wasn’t worried about a thing. My vow at the end of March? No problem. Being away from the “real” world? Didn’t matter. I just wanted... well, I can’t really explain what I wanted. It was /way/ cool. I wish I wasn’t trying to save the world, so I could study life magic. Forget this dumb vow... I’ll study with Master Harps. Look him up, Austin, he’s fromt eh Free Council. Tell him you’re my friend! He’d probably be willing to help you with stuff. But... I don’t have that kind of time, as much as I want to. Still being a fox is a lot of fun, and I’d love to be able to do that all the time. I won’t say if it was Master Harps I asked the help from... but it was probably my favorite thing I’ve done since I got here.

Where was I going with this? I... uh... your friend Amelia! If you two don’t work out, let me know. I love redheads, and being a fox only earns her more points. Did you tell her my wizardry was the very strongest? Cuz it isn’t. I was really worried when I read you’d been attacked by werewolves, Rick! Werewolves are dangerous! Darrel, help him out! And... Rick, keep some silver handy. But... about silver... does that hurt you too? You’re sort of a were-thing, aren’t you? If you are, I hope you heal fast... you need to be out in the world. Doing... somethin’. Learning. I dunno how you want to help the fight with the Old Ones, Rick, but as long as you’re doing /something/, you’re probably helping us.

So what’s the story with you, Lizzie? I was worried about you. How’s Japan? Is the Ghibli museum still open with those floods? Let me know how you’re doing... how’s the dead side of Japan? I bet there’s lots of ghosts after a major disaster. Is Cthulu or anything like that involved? Hope you haven’t died again...

Darrel, don’t die. I don’t worry about you. Werewolves seem to be very good about taking care of themselves. Too bad you weren’t with Rick. That fight would have gone way better if you’d been on his side.

Now... I suppose I should talk about how things are going for me. Remember how I was gonna leave this month? Well... I decided to stay one more month. Don’t judge me! It totally sucks here, but I’m learning /so/ much! The amount I change in just a few days... I thought getting a whole bunch more would leave me that much more prepared. I feel more confident every day. More ready I guess.

So far as what I’ve learned this month, like Austin, I have discovered my own source of knowledge. “And the Lord said: I will prepare unto my servant Gazelem, a stone, which shall shine forth in this world of darkness unto light, that I may discover unto my people who serve me, the works of their brethren, yea, their secret works, their works of darkness, and their wickedness and abominations.” The stone of Gazelem is the key. If it even exists... the Masters sure think it does... they think it has another name, but it has been known in Arabia during the 9th century, I think. Abdul Al Hazred... do you think there’s some connection there? The writer of the Necronomicon... holy crap holy crap... do you think it wasn’t the mind-altering substances that helped him see into the secrets of the universe? That’s terrifying. Stupid contradictions! The power of God, god isn’t real. Elder gods. Maybe I’ll see one of you out in the world, maybe not. I hope you see me, though. I’m looking for someone... anyone. That’s how the Vow ends: end up treated like a human being. None of you will recognize me, but I’ll recognize you. I’m not afraid: you guys are great people, and I know you’ll help me return to the Order in victory. If I can... I could unite all five of the Orders. Imagine! The awakened nation! What we could accomplish... together.

Okay, I’m sounding like a motivational speaker, I think it’s time to shut up. Next month I’m gonna be out on the streets, somewhere. Somewhere. Please be nice to... people. And foxes too, but that’s another story. Peace out.