Friday, February 22, 2013

Darrel's Febuary Entry 2013

Some people just don't know how to stay dead it seems. None of us know how to die properly. I guess, I am glad that Rami is alive, but… I-I don't think this is the best time for her return. I wish it had come in less stressful times, but it seems we cannot afford that luxury now. I don't know if I can bear to see her again…

It doesn't matter, there are more important things to discuss. I've been through Hell as of late, but I'm through the worst of it now. Still, what I'd give for a piece of home right about now. I'm the point where I would kill for a burger and don't think I won't either. Hunting wild game isn't something that is practical in this land, even with the Blessing that has graced it. It's still better than that recycled junk the Union serves to its deployed troops. I hope I never have to eat from it again.

I'm almost glad they left, though only ones still left here are us werewolves and some archeologists, but they aren't staying long. As for us… well, we're stuck here until we can get our plans into motion. The Steward is a taskmaster, but at least he pays well and he knows what he's doing. He has asked us not to leave the region until he has a new Temple. The new growth and water that Gaia has seen fit to bless us with is corroding the supports and flooding some of the low areas of the Crypt, making this place… unsuitable for further use. All things considered, it's a not a task we can accomplish less than 20 people working on several millennia's worth of disrepair on top of environmental damage.

We're looking at moving into the Ziggurat where that blasted cult made a gigantic mutant tree and tried to turn the whole human race into lizards. Sure it got blasted by more artillery shells than it should have, but it's still standing and it's still in better condition that the Crypts. The Steward is thinking of completely moving the tombs to that place because of this. That plus, it's the site of a great battle. That apparently counts for a lot in his book. Also, on the note of the Tree of Life that sprung up during the battle… it survived… though it's less… twisted. Basically, it withered into a husk around the time the cultists left and since then… well, a healthier Tree has been growing through the husk… It's nowhere near as big as it was prior, but I'm hopeful that we can make something out of it. First, we gotta have the locals move out and to clean up that mess from the battle.

At the very least, the Lunes were kind enough to start sending Pilgrims our way. With each day it seems that more werewolves show up at our door step. I have no doubt that once things are set in motion, the numbers who shall join our cause will increase exponentially. Although at this time, I'd like it if I had a team of expert stone masons and some heavy duty construction equipment right now. Not that I expect any of you to actually fork over that stuff that is… But I'd like anything that'd make this take less time than it already has.

But once our Power Base is set up, we can finally go on the offensive. I've had enough of hiding behind walls, being trapped in a cage. The Temple once it is completely will mark as the proof my kind needs to get involved in this war. It is to be my Rallying Cry. I intend to build an army to crush my enemies.

In the mean time, I shall be learning how lead them. Which for a werewolf means that you have be a better warrior than anyone else… As you can imagine, I'm spending my time practicing swordsmanship. I'd practice with guns more, but… sadly, it's not exactly practical to use firearms when you're an eight foot tall hairy death machine. I'm going to have to figure out a way around that. At the same time, I'm not going to be solely a warlord. No, even if I am going to be leading an army from the front, I'm not going to be stupid about it. I'm not going to play fair, Honor be damned.

Ricky, I don't want to be a cynic, but… I think that asking each of the various Supernatural "nations" to be buddy-buddy isn't going to work any better than asking the same of normal countries to do the same thing. I mean, Israel and everyone else in the Middle East would be so much easier if the world worked like that. There's some serious bad blood between mages and vampires from the mages I have no clue about. Really though, I think the only way we can convince any of them to fight alongside us is to prove our Superiority, our Dominance over them.

Also, Austin, I guess we'll be neighbors for a while. You looking for the fabled Damascus Steel? I know some scientists a while back kinda debunked it, but… I don't think any of them were in the know. Or are you going to be finding… something More…
P.S. The Union squad took that... creature's remains when they left. I still don't know anything about it. But I don't think I've seen the last.
(4 exp for everything done on time. Also, I did my current event last month, so no need to do it right now.)

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Austin's Entry for February

Oh God, she's alive? And whole? I wish I knew what to say. I guess I never really thought you could do it. You really do serve the Master, don't you? You should take comfort in that. The Grower toils in the dark, while the deceiver flails in the light. As things go we may all be pledging allegiance to the High Heavens someday soon. It may be our only choice. Something tells me not to celebrate now that Rami's back. I can't help feeling uncomfortable. I suppose it wasn't easy for you, but it really SHOULDN'T be possible. It may not really be her, and you wouldn't be able to tell, Chris. She could be a manifestation of the void itself. Though I suspect you've that of that already. Have you shown her to a dog? If you still aren't sure, maybe you could bring her to me. I might be able to tell, or... I might know someone who can.

Anyway... I'm in Syria, not too far from Damascus. I'm afraid I've stirred up the hive a little, myself. I found what I was after, and so much more. I'm overwhelmed by what this machine can do. We can and have weaponized it, and more importantly, it's mobile somehow. For the moment we've buried ourselves under the desert, but we'll have to come back up soon to re-establish contact with Mikalihkos and the expedition. There's no way we'll be able to hide on the surface, but at least we can defend defend ourselves. The few weapons on-board are all sonic and very powerful. They can transform the sand into such a fine liquid. We've buried so many Syrian tanks...

I'm sorry, friends. I'm useless to you. It's all I can hope that things continue to fall into place for me as they ever have. I'm so tired of never having a plan, and always having to hide that I don't. Hopefully soon I'll be free to ponder the occulory. I may lose my sight, and what remains of my sanity, but I shouldn't need either for much longer.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Rick's Entry for February 2013

(( So, 5pts: 1pt on time, 1pt mentioning others, 1pt for local plot, 1pt for global plot, and 1pt for world event, bonus for actually having created it. YAY! /randomness ))

Hello guys!

First of all, holy guacamole Batman, Ramira is alive? Alright, it's the last time I am lazy when it comes to reading letters. I knew it was planned at some point, but I never actually thought it would happen. And now Ramira is magical or something? Woah, big news there, it makes mine looks like super non-important, and it is kind of very important. Congratulation to Ramira being alive, I wish her the best of luck remaining in that state, at least long enough for a teary group reunion.

Before I go back to want I wanted to talk about, I would like to say that I'm curious about this new secret. Must be pretty critical for you to tell us all of it existence instead of telling Lizzie another way, or wait a later time. If I'm allowed a guess or two (although I don't really expect to be told if I'm right), I think it's either that you two got together during your meeting (if you know what I mean *winkwink*) or Lizzie taught you how to travel in the Underworld, somehow. I'm rooting for the first one, cuz it would be sooooo cute (also, it would get Amy off my back with the whole "what if Lizzie still got feelings for you" and blablabla. Gah, women.).

Now that I've gotten that out of the way, time for me to talk about what I've actually wanted to talk about in the first place! As I said last month, I've extended my movement to unite different people under a single group. Things are looking a lot better for us than they are for you, Chris. I guess too much power gets to the head of Mages and make them do stupid things. I hope you can keep your head cold and stuff. The last thing we need is more race for more power. So, as I was saying, we managed to reach a truce between different factions. The Union's numbers have been increasing a lot, lot more thanks to our efforts and Amelia, some key Union members and I are in the process of building a training camp for new recruits, right here in Europe. Mage magic is cool and all, but at some point we will have to kick some asses to ensure that Chris' plans get to completion, so the more firepower we have, the better. Especially with the trouble with uniting the Mages, we may have to deal with conflict against the some 'good guys', so even more reason to get ready. This said, I haven't completely given up on the knowledge side of things, I plan to get back on that later, maybe in April or May. Some more travelling would be good at some point, but for now, what we have here is too fragile. If we leave now, it could crumble and that would be veeeery bad. So.... yup.

That's pretty much it for now. I'm not sure what you're all up to guys, except Chris and his troubles with the Mages, but I wish you all the best of luck either way.


PS: Amelia says hi!

WORLD EVENT: Rick's revelations have spurred heated discussions on social networks. Globally, some conflicts of supernatural natures have lessened in intensity as some factions are making small truces here and there to join the cause. As much as it helps, there are new conflicts started every day for other reasons, so it's only a bandage on a heavily bleeding cut, the calm won't last long.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Christian's Entry for February 2013

((3 points. One gone for being late. Totally lost track cuz’ of the story, sorry all!))

Nobody around? Good.

Things have taken a turn for the worse. I wish I had good news to report. Ramira and I are on the run. Remember how I thought that bringing her back would be all that it would take to unite the last of the Orders? I said that because the Guardians of the Veil were waiting for this Messiah figure called the Hieromagnus. I thought that the power needed to pull someone back from the abyss would be enough to prove that was who I was, and unite them under the banner of the Diamond Nation.

Turns out I was right sorta. They did unite with us, but their plan was not to join as equals. Apparently there had been some huge political wheels spinning for a while now to get rid of me, their doing of course. I've never been very good at the political game, and the fact of the matter is I'm much too trusting of people. Rather than viewing Ramira as evidence of what I thought it was, they look at me as... an Antichrist figure, who wields knowledge that should never, ever be wielded by anyone other than an Oracle. The fact that knowledge was given by one of the Oracles seems to have been lost. Fortunately I had made enough friends in the Orders that I was warned of what was about to happen, and I fled with Ramira before they could finish their plans for me. The Veil now sits chief on the Diamond Council in my place, and they have a bounty on my head.

Ramira and I are safe in PLACE right now, I'm sorry I can't say more. Sorry Lizzie. I wish we could be together, but you don't want to be with me right now. Staying alive has become a full time job. Damn those small-minded Guardians! I was studying the magic that brought Ramira back. I think I’ll be able to reverse~engineer the spell in time to purify those that the void has corrupted! But there's no time for such complicated spellwork when I’m one of the world's most wanted.

There is one bright star. It seems the Master's magic has made me untargetable by sympathetic magic. Otherwise I would‘ve died of a thousand heart attacks. Ramira's even better off than me. Magic: targeted on her unravels in paradox, no matter what it is. I’m glad I learned that trying to heal some of her cuts, instead of with more complicated spells. That could have ended /very/ badly.

She can still /use/ magic, so long as she's not the target. This is good, considering the number of portals and trips across the shadow we have made in the last month. Lizzie, Ramira knows my secret. I know I said I wouldn't tell anyone else, but it's easier to travel this way, so that nobody can recognize me. English skills notwithstanding.

Mages as a whole do not seem to harbor the same feelings for me that the Veil does. I have received much help from members of the Free Council and the Arrow. I am not appraised of the situation higher up the political ladder, but it seems my Diamond Nation is on the verge of collapse. The Veil and the Mysterium and the Ladder seem to be in one camp, and the Free Council, Arrow, and Seers on the other. Thank god for the seers, or Ramira and I would be dead already. Whatever hatred they have for me, they hate her a hundred times more. Her power seems to be paradox itself. It frightens me, and it frightens her. But her mind and soul are intact. I fear what she will be capable of once she masters her own powers.

No time to write more, sorry everybody. I hope things are going better for all of you than for me. Some positive developments with Darrel, so that's good. Keep the faith everyone. When I’m not running for my life, perhaps I will attempt to get together with you.