Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Christian's Entry for October 2013

I have it. A spell. It might not be much, but it's something. Too tired to write long, but I want to write.

All Hallows Eve is a very important day for the creatures of earth, the ones that aren't human. Very difficult here leading up to it. More and more Ousiders. People have started turning a blind eye. Monster, don't look at it. Just keep going. They kill the ones who notice them. Well not in my town!

Rare, true. But when they come, they come with so much power there's little we could do. Until now. Hallows Eve, lots of death here. Lots of monsters. There was nothing for it but to try. Thought I might die fighting. So many. Then I did it. The Master's magic, and mine. Together, it made a spell. A rote; the first I've ever invented. It's a grounding rod of sorts. Strengthens the fabric of local reality, and thus banishes anything from outside. At least... I think it does. Not sure how well it would work against the really big, god-like ones. Probably not at all. But their foot-soldiers just got much easier.

Only downside is the energy cost. It's /technically/ beyond the perview of the Master level, and as such requires unique quintesense each time, much rarer than manna. But it also can apply on a much wider scale. My city doesn't have anymore outsiders. None. It's amazing how much nicer people are now.

Rick, I echo Darrel's words. Be careful what a change like that can do to the mind. I've been an animal several times now and each time was more difficult than the time before. Making a batch of insane ferals won't help with anything.

Darrel, I don't even know how to process what you're telling us. It's hard to imagine that you're up on the moon when I look at it. There are werewolves on the moon. That's the silliest thing that has ever happeed in the history of ever.

Finally some freakin' good news.

Lizzie! Oh thank God you're still alive! Lizzie... this is Christian! I can't tell how much you've lost, but... we were close. Best friends, even! More. Even that ghost of yours eventually accepted me... though that was probably just because I stopped being so old-fashioned. Whatever... don't die again! I'm not sure what's happened to you, but don't die again! We've talked about this before; you helped me understand. The more times you die, the more your ghost takes over. It sounds like you died again... If you die much more, she'll be able to take you whenever she wants. I don't want that, Lizzie. I don't want to lose you.

There is magic that can help. When this is all over, my Master can help you. Or even better, we can help you by helping your ghost. What you've done for so many others, you can do for her. Just don't die anymore. I don't know about any underground oceans... but I'm amazed that thing is getting a message through from the underworld as it is, so I suppose I'm in no place to judge. For all I know, it could be dilating time somehow...

Please, don't die. I don't know how I would face reality without you. I wonder if Undine remembers more of who you are than you do. She might be able to help.


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