Thursday, October 10, 2013

Rick's Entry for October 2013

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Hello every not-people,

Last month has been a rather good one... kind of. Maybe I should have listened to you guys' advices... but nope, so I've learned through experience. We had quite...  a few... problem cases, so to say. People who weren't quite made for being ferals and have caused some harm around them. We were forced to let them go, somewhere where they won't hurt anyone. Or hurt less people, in any case. I've tightened the selection process to limit the incidence of such things in the future. I've got things under control, really!

I can't say the same about some of you guys. Lizzie, specifically. You died in the place where people die? That's like, exploding twice! I didn't think it was possible. Ok, you probably don't know who I am. I'm your boyfriend, yup! Ok, not really, but I used to be! But then we both became monster weirdos and things got a little messy. Good times. I've heard you're got an eye on Chris these days. Or used to. You better remember and get together with him, otherwise you will ruin my shipping list! I mean... you didn't see that. I don't have no silly shipping list.

Get better. Yeah. Oh, and hi Undine!

Oooook, other people, looks like you did more 'normal' things. Fighting lizards, making spells, saving the world, the regular, ya know? Chris, if you're getting closer to the answer, that means we're close to putting all of this behind us, right? I've got some video games I want to play and can't really do that while monitoring a large group of ferals. I wonder if being a feral makes me better or worse at them. I feel like I tested that before, but I can't remember... it's been almost two years now, feels like an entire lifetime... or two.

In a slightly less important news, but on a more personal note, Amelia is 7 months pregnant now, and she can't really do as much around here as before.So, I've been planning to step down from combat operation and day-to-day training starting this month and focus on spending time with her, unless absolutely I'm absolutely needed in a non-administrative role. The decision comes at a time where all of our current operations have stabilized and much of everything is basically just training, growing as a group and waiting for a call for action. I've chosen a few trusted ferals to act as commanders in my steed for when combat is needed.

PS: To be honest, I'm much better at planning and thinking than fighting anyway. And I'm totally not a coward!

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