Saturday, November 30, 2013

Lizzie's Entry for November 2013

Hey guys, Lizzie and Undine here. Sorry about not writing last month, but I was... Well, I'll be honest, having your identity put back together piece by piece can get a bit trying, especially when you have to keep up with ship duties. The Admiral really made me earn those last few bits of me. But I'm all back together now, remember who I am, who you guys are and why you're important to me. Especially you, Chris. That was a nice identifier to get back...

Oh oh oh. Enough about me, though. Good news, I'm back on the surface! Turns out that the old law down here about all seas being one holds damn true. Even better, we've got ourselves a nice little navy. Seems the Admiral isn't just the commander of one ship after all. There's a whole haunted fleet out here, just waiting to be put to action should any more threats come from the oceans. Or come to them. At any rate, I've got my own little ship and am looking forward to some shore leave if anyone's got an open port and wants to spend time with a girl who hasn't had anything to fuck in months. You know who you are.

Hugs and kisses,

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