Sunday, November 10, 2013

Rick's entry for November 2013

(( 4 pts, barely on time, plot, subplot, mentioned whoever is still posting. ))

Hello everyone.

I will be very quick, not much time to talk. After getting Chris' later message, we decided that we had done enough training. It's time to go back home and fight. We've done all we could here. Well, almost everyone will go. Amelia will stay here, hidden at an undisclosed location and with relative close access to the nearest hospital to give birth. I wish I could be there for that day, but duty calls. What matters is that they are safe, even if I was to perish (somehow, I still don't intent to enter combat directly, but you never know, even leaving our little heaven here is a death wish). All that's left is to pack our things and leave. America, here we come!

PS: Darrel, Space? Seriously?!?

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