Saturday, November 23, 2013

Darrel's November 2013 Entry

(4 exp, barely on time, ect.)


Rick, I've been on the Moon for four months, fighting battles and such. You only just noticed it now of all times?

Either way, I hope that the Lunes spread word about my actions here. I do not think any other werewolf can top that act.

There is not much going for me right now, other than the ESA having recovered our shuttles and we're off on my way home base. We're taking a cargo ship home because of some of the equipment (and trophies) I am taking with me. Right now, we're off somewhere in the Mediterranean somewhere, not sure where.

Hang on, something's come up. Be right back…

 So. I forget sometimes that this is a letter service and not an instant messaging system, so I forget sometimes my messages do send my messages.

It turns out, my ship has been taken captive. Unfortunately, it's not pirates or something mundane like the ship's spirit refusing to cooperate. Rather, I'm dealing with something that's far larger than the boat itself… and it seems to have rather meaty tentacles. No, it's not a giant squid, as I am sure that giant squid do not have electrical attacks or spawn young from their blood... I do not think it's an Outsider, but it is certainly grotesque. I'm off of the coast of Jerusalem right now because the sea beastie is hauling the ship there.

I'll be free in just a moment.

And before I forget… Luna had told me the end was coming soon, real soon. So yes, Christian, you might well be right.


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