Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Darrel's October 2013 Entry

My space suit failed last week when the oxygen recyclers and pressure suit systems got struck by lightning( or maybe was it plasma?) fired by… one of those freaks. And before you ask, I did die… for a few minutes. I got better. Yes, divine intervention happened. And yes, it was Luna. My suit did not survive the encounter, but thankfully, I no longer need it… Again, likely Luna's doing.

Yes, I am talking about walking around on Luna's physical surface without protection or aid on my part. My body still thinks I am breathing and yet I neither inhale nor exhale air here anymore. I can speak in the vacuum and my words are heard without air to carry it. I can stand in the dark side of the moon and not feel a slightest bit cold. And I am not the only one... Pretty much every werewolf at this point on the moon's surface is now walking on it buck naked. I thought being a werewolf was weird. I thought being a werewolf on the moon is weird. Needless to say, this is pretty much normal for me at this point. Yes Christian, werewolves on the moon is pretty silly. Werewolves on the moon howling without space suits is just plain ridiculous. But when your enemies are the freaking forces of madness and insanity, might as well try and challenge it with your own deluded and insane plans. If the end comes for us, we must simply laugh at it.

If it's anything, I did kinda chew out Mother Luna the day before it happened by stating that her lack of involvement only made things worse by starting a Cold War that never ended. I think she took those words to heart. Or maybe it was the offerings. I don't think anyone saw the altar we built using that destroyed rocket or the ritual we performed… but I think those that paid attention to the little Civil War did notice it. I just don't know if they care about it or not. The ESA and NASA have permission now to build a Lunar city if they build enough shrines on Earth, though I don't think that helps us win the war with the Outsiders.

Oh and we just kicked off the lizards off the moon. Unfortunately they escaped, but well, our business here is relatively concluded. We'll be back in time for a little Trick or Treating on Earth.

Ricky, let us hope that there is a future for your child to be in. Children at least deserve that. Whatever the means, we must ensure that there is a world for her. Even if it means being a little crazy.

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